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Big Ten Bowl Confidence Predictions

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Which games are we taking — and with how much confidence?

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Wisconsin vs Penn State Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

Our last predictions of 2016…this makes me sad. I wasn’t the best prognosticator at OTE, but what I lacked in accuracy, I made up for with confidence. That won’t change for the bowl games, kids.

According to my dad, Bowl Games are a whole different thing from the regular season. We’ve watched plenty of bowl games together, both in person and on TV. Since I’m sitting at his breakfast table writing this, I’ll let his thoughts filter in here too…Let’s break this down…

According to the mothership, the Maryland/Boston College game ranked last in watchability among all the bowl games. Two .500 teams playing in Detroit + Maryland Unis…yep this checks out. It’s a repackaged lower tier ACC matchup that we wouldn’t want to see in October, let alone now. I’ll take UMD, only because I’m forced to choose. (Dad thinks BC wins).

Ah, Minnesota…you suck. This was a winnable bowl game. You doubled down on an indefensible off-the-field issue. The nation knows your name…and not in a good way. Washington State is now the moral favorite and even if you win, you look like assholes. Washington State cleans the floors with you.

Fuck Pitt and fuck Northwestern forcing me to tell the world that Pitt wins this game. Northwestern’s defense won’t be enough to stop this offense.

Again, off the field issues could derail a winnable game for Indiana over Utah. That said, this was a talented Indiana team that could put together a solid performance, even after losing its head coach. I’m taking a flier on Indy pulling this out in the end.

Nebraska with Ryker Fyfe under center and no Jordan Westerkamp is no match for Tennessee. This is a game I’d dearly love to be wrong about though…Tennessee is one of the least likeable and most obnoxious SEC fanbases…which is saying something. Watching an injury-ridden Nebraska team curb stomp them in a bowl would be a late Christmas present for me…

Ugh, Michigan against Florida State. Have I told you how much I hate FSU and its fans? That stupid chant could make a Wisconsinite drop his beer. Harbaugh should get this done. FSU was beatable this year and several weaker teams took them to the wall.

Iowa wasn’t a great team this year, but Florida was a real stinker. The Gators should make the Long Legend look legendary again in this one.

Wisconsin is damned if they do and damned if they don’t here. If they beat WMU down, it’s because that’s what a B1G power team should do. If they lose or win close, then Wisconsin just isn’t the team we thought they were. I think Wisconsin thumps the boat rowers. My dad just frowned and said, "Wisconsin is gonna kill em…"

So, USC is the favorite by less than a touchdown? Take the points. Barkley runs for over 150 yards and takes the MVP in this one. Penn State will win in a similar fashion to the B1G Championship.

Ohio State should curb stomp this Clemson team. I watched a couple ACC teams take them to the wire. OSU has the firepower to exploit the Tigers in several areas. Buckeyes win by two touchdowns.

Quick Lane Bowl

Maryland (-1) vs. Boston College

12-26 || 1:30pm || ESPN

National Funding Holiday Bowl

Minnesota vs. Washington State (-9.5)

12-27 || 6PM || ESPN

Everyone has Wazzu winning and covering. Goodbye, Tracy.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl

Northwestern vs. #23 Pitt (-5.5)

12-28 || 1pm || ESPN

Foster Farms Bowl

Indiana vs. #19 Utah (-7.5)

12-28 || 7:30pm || FOX

There was the most variance on this one. CHAOSTEAM reigns supreme!

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

Nebraska vs. #21 Tennessee (-6.5)

12-30 || 2:30pm || ESPN

Capital One Orange Bowl

#6 Michigan (-6.5) vs. #11 Florida State

12-30 || 7pm || ESPN

Michigan, covering, unanimous. Surprised me a little bit.

Playstation Fiesta Bowl

#3 Ohio State (-3.5) vs. #2 Clemson

12-31 || 6pm || ESPN

It’s the return of the GF3 schtick! :)

Outback Bowl

Iowa vs. #17 Florida (-3)

1-2 || 12pm || ABC

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic

#8 wisconsin (-7.5) vs. #15 Western Michigan

1-2 || 12pm || ESPN

Rose Bowl

#5 Penn State vs. #9 USC (-6.5)

1-2 || 4pm || ESPN

Confidence Picks

Below is a table detailing our 11 pickers and their confidence points assigned to each game. If you’ve not done this before, 10 means you are most confident in the outcome of that game (and thus get 10 points if you are correct). Feel free to join us in the comments with yours!

87Townie Aaron AlNamias BRT C4B Graham GF3 Jesse MNW Nate P. Stew
10 Penn State Michigan Michigan Ohio State Ohio State wisconsin Wazzu Wazzu Wazzu Wazzu Wazzu
9 Michigan Wazzu wisconsin Pitt wisconsin Florida wisconsin Utah Utah Michigan Michigan
8 wisconsin Pitt Wazzu Wazzu Nebraska Wazzu Utah Michigan wisconsin Utah Utah
7 Maryland Iowa Utah Maryland USC Michigan Clemson Ohio State Michigan wisconsin Pitt
6 Iowa wisconsin Ohio State Utah Wazzu Pitt Michigan Pitt Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
5 Ohio State Utah Pitt Tennessee Iowa Penn State Pitt BC Pitt Pitt Tennessee
4 Tennessee Ohio State USC Michigan Pitt Ohio State Tennessee Iowa Tennessee Florida wisconsin
3 Indiana Penn State Florida USC Michigan BC Florida Tennessee Iowa Tennessee Florida
2 Pitt Nebraska Nebraska ROWROW Maryland Utah Maryland USC USC USC Maryland
1 Wazzu Maryland BC Florida Indiana Nebraska USC ROWROW BC BC Penn State