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PSU vs Northwestern Basketball Recap from the Stands

The Nittany Lions are a Hot Mess Against Northwestern

Penn State took on Northwestern in basketball at the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC)today. A friend of ours has season tickets. Since he was out of town, my dad and I went to the game.

The seats were great. We were a couple of rows up from the floor, behind the Northwestern bench. The view was great and we were close to the action.

I’m not a basketball fan. That’s the result of #1 growing up in State College and #2 five years of graduate study at a pompous ACC school. While I don’t like watching basketball, it doesn’t mean I don’t know the game…and what I saw today was a very lopsided match.

Northwestern played decent basketball. Their shooters looked smooth, took the looks they were given and buried jumper after jumper. The defense wasn’t anything special, but it didn’t have to be. The one humorous thing about Northwestern is that Taphorn flops like a French forward in a World Cup match.

Penn State, on the other hand, was a hot mess. They played most of the game down by 15 to 20 points. Poor defense and a discordant (at times) offense can be attributed to youth…but not the shooting. I want to take the whole team in for eye exams. Shot after shot went towards the basket, unsullied by contact with rim, backboard, or net. At one point, they were 3 of 15 from three-point territory.

Three of fifteen…that’s embarrassing. This was an off game. Really off.

However, they did some things well. They penetrated into the paint with ease...but missed layups. There were a few set plays that looked clean and produced points…but they were too infrequent. And #24, Mike Watkins, is a big 6’ 9” redshirt freshman who can block.

My takeaway is that PSU is going to be lucky to be middle of the pack in the Big Ten. And Northwestern fans…it probably isn’t The Year.

Your Friend,