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Championship Game Weekend* Open Thread

*Except the Big 12.

NCAA Football: Navy at Southern Methodist Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Western Michigan rowed their way to a 29-23 victory to secure an undefeated season and the MAC Championship and Washington trounced Colorado 41-10 to win the Pac 12 Championship. Pretty convincing win there that probably solidifies their playoff spot. This is what’s up today before the Big Ten Championship tonight:

Temple vs #19 Navy (-3) || 12:00pm ET || ABC

Navy is currently ruining every bowl committee person wanting to solidify bowl bids early. What do you do with them? If they win the AAC title convincingly along with WMU’s close victory it becomes an interesting discussion.

#10 Oklahoma State at #9 Oklahoma (-11) || 12:30pm ET || FOX

In non-championship game news, OSU has a chance to officially ruin any chance the Big 12 has at the playoffs by defeating Oklahoma. On the flip side, Oklahoma needs some luck in front of them (a lot now that Washington won) to get in if they win.

Baylor at #16 West Virginia (-18) || 3:30pm ET || FS1

This game is happening and I started typing so it’s here now.

Florida vs #1 Alabama (-24) || 4:00pm ET || CBS

The SEC Championship game should be a yawner this year with Alabama’s absolute dominance over the SEC so far. More surprising things have happened but an Alabama loss doesn’t do much to the Playoff picture so they are safe sailing.

We’ll throw up a night gamethread (or an overflow if needed) for the Big 10 and ACC Championship games tonight. Normal rules apply: Don’t be an asshat, no illegal streams, no illicit photos/videos/gifs/anything, etc. Enjoy!