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POWER POLL: Magical Beasts from Harry Potter

This Power Poll is Magical.

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It was realized at Off Tackle Empire headquarters that we have never done a Harry Potter themed Power Poll. Of course, we fully understood how riddikulus this was and so I now bring to you, our wonderful readers, this Harry Potter creature edition of our weekly B1G Power Poll. What better time to make such a poll than after this insanely unexpected and magical regular season? Due to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them currently playing in theaters, I felt magical beasts and creatures was the most relevant angle for this piece. These fourteen creatures correspond to the film versions and the scenes which surround them. All entries are from Harry Potter films 1 through 8, not Fantastic Beasts as not to give away any spoilers about the new movie.

This Power Poll is also gif-tastic. Enjoy!

1. Ohio State: Hungarian Horntail

252 Points. 18 First Place Votes. Last week #1


This is perhaps the deadliest of the 12 known dragon species. However, like Ohio State, it was adversely affected by a man made structure that starts with a “B.”

2. Michigan: Basilisk

230 Points. Last Week #2


A giant, terrifying snake that can kill with a single glare of its eyes… unless, of course, it is blinded by some type of talon wielding bird. Its hearing got it past a lesser creature, but its blindness was taken advantage of by another fierce magical beast.

3. Penn State: Arcromantula (Aragog)

200 Points. Last Week #4


Most people hate what you are. But I guess we can’t deny that you are rather powerful especially with your legions of other acromantulas.

4. Wisconsin: Mountain Troll

215 Points. Last Week #3


Big, dangerous, but dumb. Those first two adjectives can only help you so much until the dumb kicks in and you blow a 21 point lead, I mean uhhh get beaten by three 1st year wizards.

5. Iowa: Hippogriff

178 Points. Last Week #6


An intimidating, and PROUD winged creature. You were kind of cool a few times this season, but sometimes it’s like you just lied around cleaning your feathers.

6. Nebraska: Unicorn

166 Points. Last Week #5

The timeline might be off, but the few teams that defeated you, and drank your blood of course (which curses the drinker), did seem to end up being cursed in their season in some way shape or form. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

7. Minnesota: Pixie

139 Points. Last Week #7

Capable of a surprising amount of damage and mischief for its size, its swarm mentality makes it a challenging foe. But any advanced wizard or more menacing magical beast would have no problem with them—And they didn’t.

8. Northwestern: Werewolf

130 Points. Last Week #8

Can sometimes transform into something intimidating/frightening, but was usually just the equivalent of a nerdy professor.

9. Indiana: Three headed dog

106 Points. Last Week #9

Intimidating, yes, but it mostly served as the guardian/checkpoint to other, way more challenging things.

10. Maryland: Merperson

90 Points. Last Week #10


I guess it is kind of effective in its home turf... 4 out of 6 of its wins were in its own stadium. That matters, right?

11. Michigan State: Boggart

69 Points. Last Week #11

We don’t really know what its true form is, but for what can sometimes be terrifying, it would seem the riddikulus spell was cast upon it this year and it was, in fact, a joke.

12. Illinois: Dementor

54 Points. Last Week #12


I’m sure you think I give Illinois too much credit, but hear me out. Dementors feed upon human happiness and leave you as nothing except a despaired, possibly soulless individual. I think that sums up what the team has done to Illini fans.

13. Purdue: Thestral

43 Points. Last Week #13


Can only be seen by those who have seen death. Does this really require further explanation?

14. Rutgers: Phoenix (Combustion stage)

18 Points. Last Week #14. 18 Last Place Votes :(

We literally burst into flames this season, but... YOU JUST WAIT. Something, something Ash, something, something rise from it.