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Off Tackle Empire Bowl Pick’em Challenge

No “eye tests” to be considered a winner here: Compete with your fellow OTErs to see who’s got an eye for bowl picks!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a while, huh?

As I procrastinate tonight (it’s about 2am) so I don’t have to write this seminar paper, I realized we haven’t created a bowl pick’em group. So that’s how I occupied my time, rather than writing about public officials’ rhetoric during the first years of the Hmong refugee crisis!

I lead an exciting life.

Shut up, MNW. What do I get if I win?

As of right now, two things:

  1. My undying admiration
  2. A front-paged article of your authorship and choosing, as long as it conforms to usual standards of decency and the OTE rules. I’m sure there will be no jokes about this condition in the comments.

We obviously reserve the right to add to these “prizes” before the competition kicks off, but Graham has stopped returning my calls.

This year, to accommodate those of us with different tastes, we’ll be running both a league on confidence picks (42 points assigned to the game you’re most confident in the outcome of) and a league on straight-up picks (most out of 42 wins).


Click the group names to head over to ESPN and sign up!

Confidence Picks

Name: OTE - Confidence

ID: 136880

password: sherman

Straight-Up Picks

Name: OTE - Straight-Up

ID: 136881

Password: sherman

Didn’t you do regular season Pick’em, too?

We did! Congratulations go to our friend from the commentariat at Go Iowa Awesome, Sean Considine’s Bromance! Despite a 1-7 final week, (s)he held off Fryser to take the league by one game with a 165-125 record against the spread. SCB, if you would like to post an article of your authorship here at OTE, feel free to contact me at minnesotawildcat at gmail dot com, and we’ll make it happen.

That’s what I got for you, folks. Join the league(s)! If we hit our max for membership, I’ll do my best to create an overflow when I’m procrastinating ahead of my presentation for next Tuesday.