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We Want You! To Submit Mailbag Questions

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This is your chance to find out the scoop any those burning questions about hockey, football, roundball, and other sports. Or just submit any random thing that enters your head.

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Good Monday morning friends. I drove out onto the beach on my way to work today. A heatwave is sweeping thoughts of winter away from the east early this week. So while the Iowegians trying to caucus are buried in a foot of snow, those of us fortunate enough to be in Flah-dah, are contemplating a surf session.

Lots of college football coaching staffs are in Florida too, in a last ditch effort to persuade talented young men to give up warmth and easy living to fly north to freeze their asses off and play football. Storied programs my ass. Minus twenty will shock that shit right out of you. Well, these are 18 year old kids, they are prone to bad decisions.

For you Lax bros out there, I hated playing in the cold. I broke more sticks (I played defense) in the winter. It sucked. Then I moved to Florida, where they have men's leagues that play all year. Outside! An Irish Pub sponsored my team (way back in the 1990s). Hot damn was that fun.

Anyway, I've fulfilled the word count to put this on the front page. Forgive my early monday morning ramblings...and please submit your questions so we can get the OTE "writers" to earn their wages.

Your Friend,