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Mailbag Question Needed - Oh and I Hate Basketball

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It's that time again, we need your questions. I have one for you too...What in the Hell Happened to Iowa and Maryland Hoops? Losing to PSU and Minnesota. Wow that must sting, huh?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again, we need your mailbag questions. I hope you have some good hoops questions, so I don't have to answer them. I never watch basketball...which might make me the best "writer" to answer your questions.

Or not, since I really know nothing about the game. It's one of the few sports that I can say I didn't like to play. I played everything else as a, soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, badminton...hell I even threw shot and discus in track.

But I just couldn't find it in me to enjoy basketball.

That is a...handicap...when attending graduate school at UNC too, let me tell you. Not that I fit in, anyway. Not only am I pretty obviously a yankee, I'm also Italian. In North Caroline, I might as well have been from Mars. Folks would take one look at my last name, see all the vowels, panic and stammer...ugh...Mister Matt?

Anyway, my dislike of basketball didn't bring me any closer to the locals either.

That's why I found it hysterical that, during the Iowa/PSU game the other night, my phone rang. A guy I work with is a rabid hoops fan. He called to talk about the game. Needless to say, I wasn't watching it. I've had almost 25 years of experience ignoring PSU (men's) basketball. That's not going to stop soon.

He was aghast,

Him: "you aren't watching it?" pain obvious in his voice.

Me: "Nope" I was playing War with my eight year old daughter.

"But you are winning...against Iowa!" more pain in his voice.

"Why, is Iowa good?" I was suddenly curious. Iowa has a good basketball team? Who knew?

My question left him speechless. He hung up moments later with an admonishment to turn the game on and at least watch the last couple of minutes.

I'm contrary and didn't do as he asked. Which meant I missed the thirty-seven PSU fans storming the court. I love my school and I'm glad they are trying to build a decent basketball team. I hope they do, because I like to see us be competitive at everything.

Just don't expect me to suddenly love basketball. Or even like it.

Anyway, got any questions for the mailbag? Leave em in the comments below.

Your Hoop-Hatin' Friend,


P.S. Seriously...Iowa has a good basketball team? I had no effing idea.