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Big Ten Bracketology: NCAA Tournament, B1G, Pressing Questions

At-Large? #1 Seeds? All your questions answered here with Blogging the Bracket!

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Chris from Blogging the Bracket has been doing all this for a long time. He's a straightforward no-drama allBrackets all the time kind of guy. You need to be following him on Twitter-->

TO THE Q AND A. Thank you Chris!

Is MSU still the best bet for a deep tourney run?

Right now, I would actually go with Iowa over the Spartans, since the Hawkeyes seem to have developed a more potent stable of offensive weapons than MSU.

Michigan Wolverines: Tough schedule begins soon, do you see them staying as a lock in the field or falling to the bubble?

Michigan looks to be in good shape in terms of selection, but its position could really take a hit if it follows up Tuesday's home loss to Indiana with a few more similar performances. Wins over Texas and Maryland alone won't be enough to get them in. On the flip side, if they can dominate over the final few weeks, they can rise up to a 3 or 4 seed.

Any chance the B1G gets two teams as #1 seeds?

It's going to be very difficult, considering the weakness of the bottom of the Big Ten. With the bottom six teams in the conference ranking outside of the RPI Top 100 and the worst two squads outside of the Top 200, that's more low-quality wins and potential bad losses than squads in the ACC, Big East, Pac-12, and Big 12 will encounter. Then you factor in Maryland and Indiana's non-conference schedules and the chances shrink further.

OSU and Wisconsin: Chances to be At-Large bids?

The Badgers have a better chance, thanks to their home wins over Michigan State and Indiana, as well as the improvement of both VCU and Syracuse. Wisconsin's two best non-conference wins now both find themselves in the Top 50, improving the Badgers' record against that group to 4-4. One thing I would like to see Wisconsin do is defeat a quality conference opponent away from the Kohl Center. They'll get three chances in the coming weeks to do that—at Maryland, Michigan State, and Iowa.

Ohio State will have its chance too, thanks to a final stretch that features a home-and-home with Michigan State, Michigan and Iowa visiting Columbus, and a trip to Nebraska.

Is Iowa a lock to be in Des Moines?

Unless the Hawkeyes suffer a 2014-level collapse, they'll have an excellent chance of playing in their own backyard during the first weekend. The fact Iowa State is hosting in Des Moines really opens things up for Iowa.

What seed is Indiana looking at? How will their weak schedule affect seeding?

It's going to be difficult for Indiana to move higher than a three seed because of their non-conference schedule. However, if the Hoosiers can claim the conference title (they do play Iowa twice in the final month of the season), they could jump. The Selection Committee respects trophies.

Melo Trimble is nationally-known and capable of taking over games. Does his individual brilliance affect the committee seeding at all? Do any B1G players have individual impact on the committee seeding?

Purdue is strong inside...not as strong outside. Does the committee care? Do they favor guard-led teams?

I'll take these two questions together. The Committee has a historical tendency to look at things on a more macro-level. So don't expect them to make decisions based on specific players or styles of play. (Now watch them put LSU in simply because of Ben Simmons.)

Is this "The Year" for Northwestern to finally make a Tourney??

As exciting as it would be here in Chicago if the Wildcats did, it's not going to happen without a Big Ten Tournament title. The non-conference schedule was just too weak and the results haven't been there in conference play.