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The B1G 2016 Spring Position Rankings Preview

Spring Fling is dead. Long live Spring Fling!

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It's a tradition unlike any other...

Okay, so it's actually a lot like all of the others, but a tradition nonetheless. Yes, you heard it here first, it's time to kickoff the fourth - I think fourth... could be third, but who's counting? - annual Spring Position Rankings preview piece. Now, I know what you're thinking*, "Jesse, is this that ridiculous piece that was called Springing to the Top, and then Spring Fling, and maybe even Best of the Best of the B1G? Also, why do you keep changing the name? Oh, and are you actually still a 'writer' here because LOL I have not seen you write in a while."

*doesn't actually know what you're thinking

These are all extremely valid questions, and as I mentioned before, to follow this great tradition, it's time for a little Q&A to make sense of the name change, tell you what's coming, and get your input on what player we should grossly underrate or neglect so that Iowa random Big Ten fans can get up in arms over our somewhat subjective and obviously arbitrary Spring rankings. Yes, it's that time everybody. It's the 2015 B1G Spring Position Rankings! GET EXCITED!!!

Jesse, can we talk about this whole 'writers' thing. Like, what is it that you have against actually watching the games? You answer this question first every year and then you continue to not watch football. It's ridiculous.

Great first question as always imaginary question-asker. Look, this is really a deeper question that goes right at the fabric of our philosophy as a writing team. Mainly, we seek to answer the question of, "if a Purdue plays football at 11:00 AM on a Saturday and no one actually sees it, is it really a game that was played?" That answer - especially if a Wild Fyfe appears - is no because I do not believe I saw Purdue beat Nebraska last year and by simply writing about football without acknowledging it happens, our team lives in a much happier place.

Jesse, let's have a talk about the name of this series. Andrew promised us we would have a name that pops, but you went with the boring name that is highly searchable by the googles. I don't understand why you're so lame.

Another great question. See, when this series started, we were looking to kill time between signing day and our team previews because there is a lot of dead time. We also had a smaller staff of writers, and honestly, Graham made the mistake of letting me write arbitrary things with incredibly long titles. I mean, I still do that, but he let me do it for an entire series. As such, we started with Springing to the Top, the Best of the Best of the B1G or something ridiculous like that. You know, because 'Spring' and because explaining in titles is important so you all know what you're clicking on. Then it went to Spring Fling because high school dances and such. Now? Well, yeah, this is a boring moniker, but none of you actually acknowledged Spring Fling in the first place and wait, why are we talking about this? Shouldn't we be previewing the series?

Sure, let's do that. What should we expect in Spring Fling?

Oh, so now you all acknowledge the title. I see how it is.


Okay, but seriously... this will be a three week series and our expansive Iowa and Northwestern B1G writing team will hit on each position group. The goal will be offense in week one, defense in week two, and special teams/coaching in week three. Each writer will pick who he or she thinks is the best group and will either rank or discuss them accordingly. There will probably be a poll, there will probably be snubs - especially on defense, and I have very little doubt that the most read article will be the one that talks about Michigan.

Hold on a second, each writer 'picks' something. Like I trust you all.

THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL... erm... let's move on.


Um... okay?

Can you tell me who you listed as your best team last year so we can mock that for the remainder of the comments?

Why yes I can! (Click the position for a link to last year's article)

QB: Cardale Jones AND J.T. Barrett, Ohio State Buckeyes

RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State Buckeyes

WR: Leonte Caroo, Rutgers Scarlet Knights

TE: Josiah Price, Michigan State Spartans

OL: Jack Conklin, Michigan State Spartans

DL: Joey Bosa, Ohio State Buckeyes

LB: Joshua Perry, Ohio State Buckeyes

DB: I have no idea because I can't find the article... I'm assuming we picked a Buckeye

K: Brad Craddock, Maryland Terrapins

P: Peter Mortell, Minnesota Golden Gophers

HC: Urban Meyer, Ohio State Buckeyes

I mean, honestly, looking at that list, we didn't do too bad. That in mind, we're splitting some of these categories up to get more specific this year and we are also adding a few categories. I cannot wait to be told how wrong we are, and you know, probably deserve it. We'll see you all next week! Commence campaigning for your favorite player!

Oh, and because it's Friday, I leave you with Fred Astaire because come on, Fred Astaire:

Fred Astaire - Puttin' On The Ritz from Evgeny Demchenko on Vimeo.