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NCAA Tourney Bracket Predictions 2016: My Stream of Consciousness Picks

Let's fill out brackets the way they should be. Randomly and early on Monday afternoon.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, now this is a good life. Bracket pickin'. Big Ten Tourney Championship bagels, courtesy of my Spartan boss. A fresh, unmolested bracket. Miguel on in the background. Let's go.


Right off the bat, I like this bracket for a few upsets. Iowa, down, first round, not a controversial pick though. Good God, Nova-Temple right off the bat?? Love this.

Nova's history of horrendous NCAA play? And why is that? The guard-dominated offense hasn't been able to carry water come tourney time. IT CONTINUES.

I like Kansas, I like their star guards, I like Ellis, for all the crap he's taken, might be a first team All American. I got KU in the Final Four.

Great thing about brackets is that you're just kind of tossing out fanbases' dreams and player's senior seasons like /snap/ that. From the comfort of your computer. ‘Tis the Madness!



TAMU, Oklahoma, Texas, Baylor...Intriguing combination of rivals here. Except TAMU and Texas are definitely not rivals. No sir.

Duke is a huge wild-card, but picking them to be upset is just too much fun. I am not hearing much support for Duke this March; let's take that 13-4 upset. Is it weird that my heart starts racing just a bit when I pick an upset? THE MADNESS.

Sidenote: There is so little difference between the #1 and #2 seeds this year.

Oklahoma does all kinds of positive things and I love their versatile bigs. We haven't seen much Oregon this year...UPSET TIME! The Bears, who are incredibly athletic inside without much perimeter play, meet a bunch of favorable matchups and make their way to play Oklahoma. All this Big 12 talk is getting tiresome. Moving on.



Every year, one or two double digit seeds make a run to the Sweet 16. You probably won't guess correctly, or you will, and then you can lord it over basically everyone all year WELL OF COURSE PITT WAS GOING TO MAKE A RUN GOODNESS DO YOU EVEN RESEARCH /hasn't watched Pitt play basketball all year.

West Virginia is my sleeper here. Muck things up, play tough D, take advantage of a relatively weak bracket....and play the UNC Tar Heels.

Look at this monumental sea change I'm creating in my bracket. It's like "War Games" for basketball fans. OH MY GOD NO. THAT'S THREE BIG TWELVE TEAMS. In the Final Four. Fortunately no one cares...because the Tourney winner is going to come...



On the levels of things I hate when bracket picking online, the "advertising side banner" is Top 3. Easily. Oh I want to scroll down NOPE accidental click and it's off to read about Coca-Cola, or PermaLax, or World of Warcraft.

I love a possible UVA-Purdue game. Of course it will be 45-44 and will include tackling slides and numerous Oklahoma drills. But so be it. Oscar Robertson will be proud.

Sparty wins! Sparty wins! I think that MSU is built for a run: Strong interior defense, improved perimeter D, a First Team All-American leading the charge, the token game-changing hot shooter...And Tom Izzo.



So there it is. Hard-hitting analysis...vague background on the issues that would make any Trump-supporter proud. March Madness!