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OffTackleEmpire Bracket Madness

Who's got the best bracket? Bragging rights are on the line!

We've seen enough pictures of MSU lately
We've seen enough pictures of MSU lately
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One thing I've really enjoyed over the years I've been here is interacting with the awesome community that's grown here at OTE. Fans of 14 teams going at it over football, basketball, honeycrisp apples, bourbon, beer, and all kinds of things. OTE is the place to be.

March madness is rapidly approaching, and this year I'm the Commissioner of the Official OTE bracket challenge on Yahoo.

Here's the bracket challenge and here's my bracket I've got the Spartans going all the way.

As commissioner, I'm setting the rule only 1 bracket per person, so make your best guesses.

Update: you can submit up to ten brackets!

The leaders of the bracket will get their name displayed in the breaking news banner at the end of each day, or maybe during the day.

Let's have fun!