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StewPoll picks the tourney

Filling out a bracket strictly according to my rating system.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Pretty straight forward, I've got a rating system, and there's a tourney bracket to fill out.  Let's do this.

First here's the current status of my rating system:

First some selection notes:


  • St. Mary's, 15
  • Princeton, 27
  • Valpraiso, 29
  • San Diego St., 41
  • Monmouth, 42


  • Temple, 79 (Woo, Iowa's draw!)
  • Syracuse, 77
  • Oregon St., 76
  • Tulsa, 67
  • Vanderbilt, 66
  • Texas Tech, 65
  • Colorado, 64
  • USC, 61
  • Michigan, 60

So, let's get to the bracket.


South Bracket

Kansas and Villanova are the top 2 teams in my system, and they're in the same region.  Good luck, everyone else!  I have Hawaii as being horribly underseeded, as I have them at 30, and that California (32) vs. Hawaii first round matchup should be a good one.  Same with Wichita State (34) vs. Arizona (24).  But really, it's all a prelude to Villanova vs. Kansas.


West Region

I think being the in Pac12 has hurt Oregon's (5) perception.  They are really, really good, and a ton of fun to watch.  Dana Altman is a great coach (and Iowa refused to interview him twice).  I've got them and Oklahoma (9) facing off in the to get to the Final Four, and that should be an amazingly fun game.  St. Joseph's (20) is a damn good team, wouldn't be surprised if they run away from Cincinnati (40).  The Ivy league isn't very good, but Yale (33) is, and Baylor (39) is coached by Scott Drew, should be a good game.  VCU (38) is another team that is quite underseeded, and should beat Oregon State (76).


East region

This is UNC's (4) bracket.  Most people have figured this out, but that 2nd round game of Indiana (17) vs. Kentucky (14), is a doozey.   Though, Indiana (17) will have its hands full with Chattanooga (35) in the first round.  S.F. Austin (25) got screwed with their seeding.  Also, the Pitt (52) vs. fuck Wisconsin (57) game should be a close, if very boring, game.


midwest region

Lots of people have noticed it, and I'll echo it here.  Michigan State (3) got handed this region.  Though, their 2nd round matchup with Dayton (22) should be good.  I have Gonzaga (22) way underseeded, and that first round game with Seton Hall (28) should be entertaining.  Also, look for Arkansas Little Rock (26) to scare the hell out of Purdue (11).


Final Four

Well, there ya go.  Michigan State (3) finally get that UNC (4) monkey off their back, but falls in a rematch with Kansas (1) who pulls out a win in a fun as hell, high scoring game against Oregon (5).