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2016 NCAA Tournament: "Thursday Is The Best Day" Gamethread

Come talk all things NCAA tourney here!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I would be remiss to not mention that today is the best day of the year.

A holiday celebrating Ireland and Irish wonderment and whiskey? Sixteen basketball games, watched huddled around bar TV's, yelling, upsets (probably) galore? We don't have too many things that everyone shares in America anymore. This is one of those "come together" kind of days. I love those days. We hope you jump on board this OTE Gamethread, especially if you're working and can't enjoy the wonderous bar atmosphere that inevitably comes with March Madness.


That Duke-UNCW matchup will put America versus the Dukies, per usual. Ain't no celebration like a "Duke got upset in the NCAA tourney" celebration. I do love Grayson Allen and enjoy watching him shoot the ball and attack the hoop, but obviously I'm all on board with UNCW.

I hear that Iona - Iowa State is an upset friendly game. Colorado v UConn? Also tasty!

So let's get it rolling. B1G Contestants include Purdue and Indiana trying to stave off upset bids. See y'all in the Gamethread.