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DEVELOPING STORY: Notre Dame Joins Big Ten Hockey Conference

I had to try really hard to not bury the lead for this article title.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

So Notre Dame is joining the Big Ten finally... In hockey... In 2017... So it may not be as the 12th member we all thought it would be for years, but Big Ten teams will be playing Notre Dame as a conference opponent in a sport in the near future nonetheless. Anyway, here's the Minneapolis Star-Tribune article, which will be more far more useful than any remarks I could make since I only recently reacknowledged the existence of college hockey with Mike Eaves finally getting canned. I'll make some remarks anyway, since that's what I get paid fabulous sums of blog money that you can't even imagine. Presented in list form of course...

1- Well this adds some more spice to the Michigan-Notre Dame NCAA Tournament game this weekend

2- Oh shit, speaking of NCAA Tournaments, I have to write about Notre Dame for TWO sports this week?!?! Christ I don't get paid enough.

3- What is this the Indiana Conference? Who's next? Valparaiso? Actually now that I think about it, Valpo has a way better athletic department than Buttgers.

4- Maybe Wisconsin will be better than Notre Dame again in hockey in 2 years.

5- Maybe Wisconsin will be better than any hockey program with a pulse in 2 years.

6- Thank God Eaves got canned.

7- I really should've buried the lead on this story

8- ESPN's never going to hire me now

9- I almost made a list on OTE that didn't include Pete Mote

10- Pete Mote