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2016 NCAA Tournament: Non-B1G Elite 8 Gamethread

After Indiana and Wisconsin lost, no B1G teams remain in the NCAA Tournament.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing Sweet 16 where Maryland, Indiana, and Wisconsin lost, there are no Big Ten teams remaining in the 2016 NCAA Tournament.  Maryland lost on Thursday night in a very Maryland fashion after sticking with Kansas for the first half: they went cold yet kept taking 3s, rebounded terribly, and lacked motion on offense.  I was going to write something yesterday but there is nothing more to say about the loss.  The same things that plagued them all year were their downfall in the tournament.

Friday night came and out of Indiana and Wisconsin remaining, my guess was Wisconsin had the best bet to make it.  Not because they are better, but because if you told me I could play UNC or Notre Dame, I'd pick Notre Dame every day of the week.  Sadly enough, both teams blew it even though they were playing their style of game.  Indiana and North Carolina played a game where defense wasn't really existent yet Indiana still lost handily after scoring 45+ in the first half, only to give up 50+ themselves.  Wisconsin played very Bo-esque, yet Notre Dame was able to do just enough to beat them by 5.

Tonight features two 1 vs 2 games.  First up:

Oklahoma vs Oregon (-1) || 6:09 ET Tip || CBS

My bet is on Oklahoma and yes, it's because they are the champion in my one remaining bracket that has a chance.  I hated Oklahoma as a 3 seed last year, but I'm all in on them this year as my sole remaining chance to come out on top.  I'm not sure how you stop Buddy Hield at this point but Oregon will need to find something to slow him down.

Villanova vs Kansas (-2.5) || 8:49 ET Tip || CBS

Kansas better tighten up their perimeter defense tonight.  If they rely on Villanova to miss shots the same way Maryland did, they're going to be down big, fast.  Villanova relies on their perimeter game to win them games and it'll need it tonight because Perry Ellis will play lock down defense on the inside.  Kansas will need to knock down some 3's, but mainly if they can dominate inside they will most likely come out on top.