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HEY! We Need Your Questions for the Mailbag

The off-season sucks. Basketball is heartbreaking. How about that snow? Notre Damn is coming to play skaty-pucks, and Harbaugh makes me want to puke...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hello B1G Fans,

It's your favorite "writer" back with an entreaty for questions about football, the B1G, life, the universe, and damn near everything. And I have a rhetorical question of my own: why are Michigan fans so darn sensitive? Somebody pens a criticism of their coach and it's like kicking an ant hill.

They should take a page out of every Penn State fan's playbook. We're used to coaching criticism. I can't remember a time when someone was taking shots at whoever we had...Hell ziowa is still taking shots at Paterno, and he's been dead nearly five years now.

God rest his soul.

Or take our beloved coach Franklin. The poor guy hasn't done anything wrong...except the Carlton dance and blowing a few games. Yet people hate him. HATE, with spittle flying. I get the Maryland fans, he was their head coach in waiting until their tire-fire of an AD put an end to all that.

Now Harbaugh, on the other hand, has a public history of tantrums and antics that are worthy of any Real Housewives of Eberwhite episode. He certainly feels no restraint about expressing himself. There are endless .gif's of his highness whipping off his coat, throwing various objects, and screaming at refs.

He's like a one man Jerry Springer episode. Maybe that's his appeal...I'm just glad he's not our coach.

Anyway, feel free to express yourselves in the comments below. Leave us a question or three and we'll give you the definitive answers in the Mailbag.

Your friend,