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Mailbag Questions Needed: Depths of the Offseason Edition

Ugh Offseason. Where we talk about NFL draft picks and the athletic potential of 16 year old kids. Entertain us with your questions please...

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Hello again,

It's that time for you, dear reader, to once again submit your questions to the "writers" here at Off Tackle Empire. We are struggling through the cold wet mess that is early March in the Midwest. Okay, THEY are struggling with that...I'm watching the ocean temps climb into the 60's, putting away my wet suit for the season, and praying for waves.

But poetic license and experience allows me to put myself into their sad, Midwestern galoshes for mud season. Tree buds are six weeks away at least. There will be another handful of snow storms before the winter finally calls it quits. But the lake ice is thinning, fishing gear is put away. Huts are towed back to the shore for the season. Snow machines are prepped for summer, engines fogged, stored in garages and sadly covered. Skis are waxed hopefully for one last jaunt, but will stand in the corner from now until emerging tulips force us to put them back in the rafters...sometime in June.

Ugh...spring sucks.

But there are some interesting events going on...Harbaugh is ruffling feathers in Florida for spring practice. He's pissed off 90% of the SEC coaching staff as well as NCAA stuffed shirts. Former B1G coach Bert went to twitter announcing he'd go watch. And Sparty's stoic Mark Dantonio must've cracked a smile. He joked about meeting Beilema for lunch.

And for roundball fans (clearly not all of us), there are things to do. The arguments about the NCAA tourny seeds and the looming tournament itself.

And the NFL draft looms. We have the depressing senior day workouts coming. Where our favorite players (Cook...cough, cough) disappoint us one last time while underwhelming the scouting staff from all the NFL teams.

Otherwise, there isn't much to keep our fine fly-over state friends entertained while they curl up by their wood stoves with bottles of Malort to wait out this interminable season. So submit your questions, friends. Let us know what you are thinking about.

/cues Sarah Mclachlan music

So please friends, you can help. Won't you give us the gift of interest, to keep us from falling into the seasonal depressive disorder that spring brings. Give us the gift of questions...something to pass the time.

Your Friend,