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B1G 2016 // Purdue Potluck II: Starting Quarterback Issues?

How will the QB situation work out for Purdue?

Rainer Zenz

Rather than have one gigantic Potluck piece with a bunch of questions and answers that become almost unreadable due to the length of the article, we are posting a separate article for each question for B1G 2016. If you have any problems with this, please complain about it in the comments.

SIDE - French Fries

Let's keep the menu simple this season. It doesn't get much simpler than French Fries, so let's go with that. And the French penchant for surrendering is applicable to Purdue football, a team that likes to surrender a lot of yards and points to the opposition and surrender possession after three plays and a punt.

The Questions

Purdue is no longer known as the "The Cradle of Quarterbacks"; the PR department is currently working to trademark "The Place Where Quarterbacks Get Sacked and Throw Interceptions Before Transferring to an SEC Team" (that's going to be hard to fit on a poster).

Last season, David Blough took over the starting job from Austin Appleby (who took over the job during the previous season from Danny Etling who took over the job the previous season from Rob Henry). He played alright at times, but mostly the offense was still pretty bad (as it was with Appleby).

This season, it looks like it will either be Blough or Elijah Sindelar at QB. What are the odds that the pattern of replacing the QB midseason continues for the fourth straight season? Would this be a record?

I don't think it would be a record, because there is a lot of stupid football out there. But yeah, the QB will be replaced at least once during the season, either for injury or performance. The wins aren't going to be there, and Hazell knows he has to do something, and changing the QB is probably the most he can do once the season is underway.

Candystripes for Breakfast
Midseason QB replacements tend to happen. It's the way of college football, and the nature of injuries. You just hope they don't happen to you as much.

Jesse Collins
Wasn't Blough the QB who managed to lead Purdue over Nebraska? Because that was dumb. Anyhow, here's my caveat with QB. If you do not have a coherent offensive strategy, you do not have a consistent O-Line, and your coach looks lost for great portions of the game, well, does it matter? I'd like to believe that the QB switching has been to jumpstart an offense that can work, but this does seem to be a problem with Shoop. And thus a problem with Coach Hazell. That said, let's assume that the new OC is going to get things figured out. I think for his own sake, he's going to stick to a guy and roll with it until he can't.

Look, there's nothing wrong with changing QBs every few games. We did it for the entire span of the Jerry Kill era. If you have to keep spinning the carousel until you get your Mitch Leidner, that's what you have to do.

Creighton M
It won't really make much of a difference. Purdue runs a "plug-and-play" offense, that is if you consider the ability to take a sack as well as the next man in to be "plug-and-play". They might as well change quarterbacks midseason so their opponents have less film to go on.

Past performance not indicative of future results. It's entirely possible that the starter has a good hold on the offense and keeps it together all season. It's also entirely possible that Hazell has no idea what he's doing. The real question is: does it matter? If the pass always lands in a defender's arms, who cares where it came from?

If Purdue still has a bad offensive line, then whoever is unfortunate to quarterback that team at the beginning of the season will get injured/worn down/throw enough interceptions to merit being replaced. Hey, at least replacing a QB is better than running a qual db system that can be predictable.

Robert Wayne Henry, III (born January 26, 1990) is an American football safety who is currently a free agent. He previously played safety and quarterback for the Purdue Boilermakers. [Ed. note: He played Wide Receiver a lot more than he did Safety.]

Aaron Yorke
Don't feel bad, Baba. My team's quarterback got sacked, threw interceptions, and then had to turn pro because no SEC teams wanted him (and Rob Bolden was able to transfer to an SEC team, so that's saying something). It would be nice to see Purdue give one of their quarterbacks a full season to develop, especially since Blough is so young. It's not as though the team is built to win right now and is desperate to avoid a losing streak. Maybe sanity will prevail this year and Blough will get a chance to grow. Of course, if that happens, Sindelar will transfer to the SEC and become awesome. You know this.

I thought Blough looked good at times last season. I'm not a fan of blaming (or praising) the quarterback when an offense looks poor (or great). College football is a terrific sport because it requires all eleven guys doing the right things at the right times to work well. If you have a poor offensive line...your quarterback looks like shit. If your receivers can't catch...your quarterback looks like shit. In this case, barring injury, Purdue should stick with their guy and work on consistency. If a quarterback change does are looking for a new coach in the offseason.

What a stupid question. Of course that wouldn't be a record. It's only four years, but I bet it happens again in 2016, but this time because of an injury. Just a guess, not hoping someone gets hurt.


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