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NCAA Rescinds Satellite Camp Ban


Per, like, 1000000 news sources (CBSFreepYahooFox, etc) the NCAA has rescinded its ban on satellite camps. The NCAA itself had this to say:

The Division I Board of Directors today rescinded a rule prohibiting Football Bowl Subdivision coaches from holding or working at camps and clinics away from their school, adopted earlier this month by the Division I Council.

The board members also directed the Council to conduct a broad assessment of the FBS recruiting environment.

The camps and clinics rule received widespread attention after its adoption, with supporters contending the rule would keep coaches on campus with current student-athletes and steer recruiting toward the scholastic environment. Detractors believe the camps provide opportunities for previously un-recruited student-athletes to be noticed by high-profile coaches and possibly receive scholarships.

The Board's action means the camps and clinics rule currently legislated is in effect and football coaches may be employed at any camp that follows Division I camps and clinics rules. ... [full text]

Early taeks from around the twittersphere:

Oh, and let the SEC petulance begin:

Paul Finebaum has not yet tweeted about it, but I'm on the edge of my seat.


I'm sure someone will have thoughts about this. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments. (h/t to GTom mentioning it in the comments.)