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Villanova vs. North Carolina 2016: Time, TV schedule and preview for NCAA

HOT TAKES, predictions, where to watch, and MORE!

The man knows how to wear a suit.
The man knows how to wear a suit.
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887Actually, no, there's not that much more than our predictions, how and where to watch.  But still, that's more than enough!

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Villanova Wildcats:

Who: North Carolina Tar Heels of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Villanova Wildcats of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What: Basketball, Vegas has UNC favored by 2 or 2.5 depending on where you look.  StewPoll has 'Nova, KenPom likes 'Nova.

Where: TBS for the normal broadcast, TNT for the team specific broadcast for UNC, and TruTV for the Nova homers.

When: Tonight, Monday, April 4th, 2016, 8 pm God's time zone (which probably means tipoff is about 8:10.

Why: For the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Championship.

How: Here is a link to the official rule book for NCAA Men's Basketball

Staff predictions:

Stew:  Nova: 83, UNC:  71.  Nova doesn't quite run away and hide like they've done to other teams in the Tourney.  But they're combination of pressure defense and shooting is enough to do in UNC, who just can't shoot well enough to keep up.

Graham: UNC 68, Nova 64: The hack-a-guard strategy of Nova slows Carolina, but the (probably ineligible yet super talented) 5 stars up and down the Carolina roster pile up enough points in the paint to take an early lead. Nova finally hits a cold streak, because honestly who shoots 60% from the field EVERY GAME, and a vicious comeback cannot top the Tar Heels.

WSR: UNC's offensive line will be too much for Villanova to overcome.


Crying Jordan

Jesse: North Carolina 62 - Villanova 78: Look, I don't care that North Carolina matches up with Villanova pretty well, and I don't really care that it seems fairly improbable that Nova continues to shoot at this clip. That said, I probably would have written that same thing about Oklahoma. So here we are... Look for a very close game at half that goes crazy with ten minutes or so left.




MNW: 'Nova 74, UNC 67. Arcidiacono brings his lunch pail and grits the Wildcats to a title. UNC escapes sanctions, I burn Chapel Hill.