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The great Nebraska controversy of this exact moment

Spoiler: It's dumb

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I like Twitter. I really do. Like, I learn more about what is happening day-to-day via Twitter than I do via any other mode of communication. From the newsworthy to the innocuous, the short bursts of conversation allow for some of the most incredible exchanges of discussion. Despite its penchant for often being the worst - staring directly at you Florida State bros - I would even go so far as to say that Twitter more often than not gives you a positive view into 'other' that you would never get, and that's useful in empathizing with how someone else thinks.

Of course, that brings me to why I am writing my thoughts down in a quick, somewhat rambling manner. Today, #HuskersTwitter decided to bring on the meltdown in response to the never-quite-out-of-the-spotlight former WR, Kenny Bell:

Okay, fine. Kenny decided that he needed to air some grievances with the university. It is well known that he was one of the Bo supporters - as well he should be, that was HIS coach - and hey, twitter is the place to do it. The problem? Besides the fact that black and white statements about love for alums here is probably a bit overblown, the problem here is that #HuskersTwitter is insane.

Like, that one tweet turned into a veritable firestorm of controversy with every pundit, fan, and idiot blogger - see: me - chiming in on a subject that still had not been clarified. Everybody from the local guys to ESPN bros have made mention of #WeightRecordsGate which is like, the dumbest controversy ever. But, within moments of this tweet, there were mobilizations of both "Fire Eichorst and Riley" and "Kenny Bell is the dumbest and if he hates Nebraska so much he should send his stuff back."

I only kind of like twitter?

Look, I am in no position to lecture anybody on dumb conversations on the internet. I write for Opinions Tackle Empire. We thrive on this stuff. I totally get that. But at what point do college football fans just got to stop and be all like, "Huh, maybe there is some middle ground here?" Kenny Bell will never stop tweeting his thoughts, not unlike other people. Nor should he. People will probably never like [fill in the blank coaches] at their school and blame them for trying to ruin the foundation of the university. But like, for just a split second, can we all agree that meltdowns in the fanbase are unnecessary? I mean, at minimum, can we all agree that unless someone is legitimately harmed, the biggest response we give is something along the lines of "SARCASTIC ALL CAPS ANGER IN YOUR DIRECTION"?

If we do that, Twitter will be a better place. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go Tweet angry things at all of those people that disagree with me. Oh, and you should follow me so my ego goes up @jesseinomaha