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Tunsil Bong Fallout: Where Have All The Bag Men Gone?

Alabama and Ole Miss get caught doing their own dirty work.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to find good help these days. Just ask Alabama and Ole Miss. The Crimson Tide are suddenly without a defensive line coach after Bo Davis resigned following reports of recruiting violations. Davis, the No. 2-ranked recruiter in 2016 by, visited out-of-state recruits during the dead period. As so often seems to be the case, Davis apparently answered dishonestly when questioned about his actions. He subsequently resigned from Nick Saban's staff. As you may have predicted, noted control freak and master-of-detail Nick Saban had "no knowledge" of Davis' misdeeds. We are told that the erstwhile position coach acted as a lone wolf, sneaking off to neighboring states unnoticed by his direct supervisor.

Alabama released the big red balloon of Saban's staff gaffe last week, but tucked it neatly behind the smokescreen created by Laremy Tunsil's Twitter and Instragram accounts. Or perhaps that was just the smoke rising from the 5-alarm fire Tunsil set in Oxford? To use an old Midwest aphorism, that cow kicked the lantern over and it landed squarely on Hugh Freeze's football program. It'll be a hot time in the old town tonight.

Since Ole Miss is more of a young blood than a blue blood in football, it's a good bet that the NCAA will slather some Fixodent on a sharp set of teeth for the investigation into Freeze's staff paying players. Or at the very least, they'll severely sanction Cleveland State basketball. That is to say, if their 3-year investigation ever gets off the ground.

So Where Were the Bag Men?

Doesn't the SEC have people for this? Ole Miss is no stranger to the bag man's capabilities. After all, it's how Tunsil and Friends arrived in Oxford in the first place. This year marked the first time in history that Ole Miss had 3 first round picks. All from a coach who somehow recruited these 5-star monsters with his resume of...nothing. Perhaps they were sold on all the SEC titles Freeze was sure to win.

Speaking of SEC titles, there's something odd about the mess in T-town.  Why is a defensive line coach meeting recruits during a dead period? It's a crying shame that the folks in Tuscaloosa can pay off Nick Saban's house, but can't find someone else to swing by a recruit's house in Georgia to drop off a sack of shekels or that new XBox. Perhaps the unsmiling master of minutiae has lost his touch.

But What About the B1G?

Yeah, what about the B1G? Maybe all of this signals a sea change in the recruiting landscape. Just as talented recruits in Texas and Florida started to seek opportunities up north, maybe the South's 5-star Bag Men are also looking farther afield. This could be a big grab for the B1G's top programs. First we took your home-grown talent, now we take your home-grown money movers. No longer will we have to rely on amateur boosters and shady tattoo artists-slash-memorabilia peddlers for our perks.

Delany, if you want to compete with the SEC on every level, this is your chance. Hell, we can run a satellite camp just for bag men!

I can see the headline now: Big Day as B1G Bags Bag Men! It practically writes itself.