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B1G 2016 // Illinois Potluck Part 5: Let's Get Dessert

Some still have tremendous love for Chambana even after being removed. I'm not the only one.

Former coach Ron Turner helped save Jarling's Custard Cup
Former coach Ron Turner helped save Jarling's Custard Cup
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today, we'll be treated to Jarling's Custard Cup.This landmark on the south side of Kirby just a few blocks down the street from Memorial Stadium was recently saved from extinction by Bruce Weber, Ron Turner, Kurt Kittner and others in a story that seemed too sweet to be true.

jarlings weber

Have any of your former coaches done anything interesting or noteworthy in their former domain? What former coach do you miss not as a coach but as a member of the community?

MNW: Bill Carmody has notably gone on to be a motherfucking badass at Holy Cross, but I miss him as a coach as much as I do a wine-sipping member of the community.

I also have it on good authority that Ron Turner introduced the Ore0-11 shake to the Custard Cup. It was met, as are all Illinois football accomplishments, with indifference.

AlNamiasIV: What former coaches? I'm an Iowa fan.

andrewkraszewski:Not that I've ever heard of. Then again, if Dantonio is stepping in to save a Skyline Chili franchise from foreclosure, I don't want to hear about such a massive error in judgment anyway.

I'm sure Johnelle was a splendid community activist, but I've never known anyone to lament his absence at the Boys and Girls Club.

Graham Filler: In regards to Izzo and Dantonio, if you need them at a charity event, if you need them in a promo video, they make it work. Wonderful human beings and a blessing for this area.

This has been Illinois Week of B1G 2016. Thank you so much for tuning in. Stay tuned for some Northwestern fans flapping their gums about haberdashery. I'm gonna go drink all weekend, as I just had a birthday and no longer enjoy them. Oh, and to those of you wondering where the poll is: