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B1G Baseball/Softball Update (5/19 - 5/21)

It's B1G Baseball Tournament time and the field is set. But before we get into the matchups and schedule let's recap the final weekend of B1G play.

2016 B1G Baseball Champs
2016 B1G Baseball Champs
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This last weekend of B1G play saw some teams step up while others fell hard back to earth. Here is the final standings to the regular season:

Standings Conference Overall
Minnesota 16-7 34-18
Nebraska 16-8 37-18
Ohio State 15-9 38-17
Indiana 15-9 31-22
Michigan 13-10 35-19
Michigan State 13-11 34-18
Maryland 13-11 28-25
Illinois 12-12 28-23
Iowa 12-12 27-25
Penn. State 12-12 28-27
Rutgers 9-15 27-28
Northwestern 7-17 15-39
Purdue 2-22 10-44

Illinois (28-23, 12-12) RPI: 51

05/19/16 MICHIGAN L 0-1
05/20/16 MICHIGAN W 11-8
05/21/16 MICHIGAN W 6-3

Managed to close out the season with a series win against Michigan but unfortunately needed the sweep to be part of the last eight in Omaha.

Going to Omaha? No, due to tie breakers with Iowa, Illinois will be at home this week just narrowly missing the cut.
NCAAs? Here is where things get interesting. With the series win against the Wolverines their RPI got a pretty decent boost. However, there is still a lot that can happen in tournaments around the country between now and Sunday so the Illini will have to wait and see if it holds up.

Indiana (31-22, 15-9) RPI: 91

05/19/16 at Nebraska L 1-4
05/20/16 at Nebraska L 0-2
05/21/16 at Nebraska L 0-3

Got the broom treatment on their trip to Lincoln so the possibility to win the conference got derailed by the Huskers.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #3 seed
NCAAs? The Hoosiers' RPI is not that great so unless they win the whole thing their season will end in Omaha.

Iowa (27-25, 12-12) RPI: 86

05/19/16 at Penn State W 3-2
05/20/16 at Penn State W 8-0
05/20/16 at Penn State L 4-5

Won the showdown with PSU so they get the privilege to continue their season in Omaha.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #8 seed
NCAAs? Much like Indiana the Hawkeyes' RPI isn't in that great of shape so they better plan on a cinderella story as the #8 seed if the want to continue play next week.

Maryland (28-25, 13-11) RPI: 58

05/19/16 at Michigan State W 6-3
05/20/16 at Michigan State L 3-4
05/21/16 at Michigan State W 6-4

Won the series against MSU which secured them a position in the tournament and even improved their seeding taking over #6 from the Spartans. Your prize? A 9am CT start time for your next game.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the aforementioned #6 seed.
NCAAs? Maryland is in a similar position to Illinois but unlike the Illini the Terps have a chance to get an insurance win or two to have them breath a little easier.

Michigan (35-19, 13-10) RPI: 37

05/19/16 at Illinois W 1-0
05/20/16 at Illinois L 8-11
05/21/16 at Illinois L 3-6

Lost the final series to Illinois which took away the preseason favorite's outside shot to win the conference. Loss didn't do too much to damage the RPI though.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #5 seed
NCAAs? Still in good shape as a possible #2/3 regional seed depending on what happens in the tournament.

Michigan State (34-18, 13-11) RPI: 83

05/19/16 MARYLAND L 3-6
05/20/16 MARYLAND W 4-3
05/21/16 MARYLAND L 4-6

Dropped the series to Maryland who will overtake the Spartans and put MSU in a lower seed.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #7 seed
NCAAs? MSU might again be on the outside looking in as the RPI is outside of range. Will have to pull off the tournament win to get to next week.

Minnesota (34-18, 16-7) RPI: 46

05/19/16 OHIO STATE L 2-3
05/20/16 OHIO STATE W 4-3
05/21/16 OHIO STATE L 5-6

Avoided the sweep to allow them to hold onto the top spot at season's end. Minnesota wasn't really expected to do much this year but won the games that mattered and are your 2016 regular season champs.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #1 overall seed
NCAAs? I'm doubting the Gophers will want to give up the tournament title so easy but even if they don't take home that crown they should still be in the NCAAs as a #2/3 seed. Although an insurance win wouldn't hurt.

Nebraska (37-18, 16-8) RPI: 36

05/19/16 INDIANA W 4-1
05/20/16 INDIANA W 2-0
05/21/16 INDIANA W 3-0

Gave Indiana the broom treatment which locked up the #2 seed in the tournament for the Huskers. Although if aOSU would have done their jobs and swept Minnesota like we paid them too Nebraska could have shared the title with the Buckeyes. Stupid nuts.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #2 seed
NCAAs? As the B1G RPI leader Nebraska should be in irregardless but winning a game or two should cement the Huskers in as a #2/3 seed. Or they could follow Jake Taylor's advice and win the whole f'n thing.

Northwestern (15-39, 7-17) RPI: 255

05/19/16 at Rutgers W 5-1
05/20/16 at Rutgers W 12-10
05/21/16 at Rutgers L 7-10

In the bottom dwellers 'Battle for Pride' series with Rutgers the Wildcats prevailed to end their season on a high note.

Going to Omaha? Only if they are coming to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo.
NCAAs? No, unless the NCAA is doing a Make-a-Wish project I'm unaware of.

Ohio State (38-17, 15-9) RPI: 57

05/19/16 at Minnesota W 3-2
05/20/16 at Minnesota L 3-4
05/21/16 at Minnesota W 6-5

Won the series against Minnesota but needed the sweep to at least get a piece of the title.

Going to Omaha? Yes, as the #4 seed
NCAAs? They are right on the edge so the Buckeyes will need to win a couple games or at least get to the title game to feel better about their position.

Penn State (28-27, 12-12) RPI: 118

05/19/16 IOWA L 2-3
05/20/16 IOWA L 0-8
05/20/16 IOWA W 5-4

Fought valiantly all year to stay in the final eight but faltered on the last weekend to the Hawkeyes which will take their place in Omaha.

Going to Omaha? No, due to losing the head-to-head with Iowa, PSU will stay home this weekend...
NCAAs? ...and the remaining weekends till next February.

Purdue (10-44, 2-22) RPI: 271


No B1G play but did win the series with the Matadors which was nice. Also, that put them at double digits in overall wins so you go Boilermakers.

Going to Omaha? Probably was mathematically out by mid-April.
NCAAs? No,

Rutgers (27-28, 9-15) RPI: 100

05/19/16 NORTHWESTERN L 1-5
05/20/16 NORTHWESTERN L 10-12
05/21/16 NORTHWESTERN W 10-7

Lost the series to Northwestern but take solace in the fact that it didn't really matter much anyways Scarlet K-nig-hts.

Going to Omaha? No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.
NCAAs? On second thought let's not go there. Tis' a silly place.


Going to Omaha?

Styles isn't a Wisconsinite thank God

Only if they bring the kegs

RPI as of 5/23/16 courtesy of

Players of the Week

The B1G hasn't released their players of the week yet so we'll give it to the Minnesota Golden Gophers for winning the regular season.

What to Watch This Week

BTN is doing its part to broadcast more and more B1G baseball games so here is what you can find for baseball coverage this week.


B1G Softball NCAA Tourney Update

Columbia Regional

Nebraska - won a few games against Louisville and BYU but lost to Missouri twice so their season is at an end.

Ann Arbor Regional

Michigan - beat the hated Irish in the regional final to advance to the super regionals in which they'll host Missouri.

What's next? Taking on #15 seed Missouri Tigers 3pm EST on ESPN. in Ann Arbor.

Athens Regional

Northwestern - won against Okie Lite but fell to host Georgia then to the Cowgirls(?) in the rematch.

Knoxville Regional

Ohio St. - Lost to Arizona, then beat Marist in the elimination game but got taken out by host Tennessee.

Lexington Regional

Illinois - Much like aOSU lost to Utah in the opening game, beat Butler then fell to host Kentucky.

Seattle Regional

Minnesota - won a couple of games against North Dakota St. but couldn't get past host Washington.

Players of the week, schedule, and results courtesy of &