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B1G 2016 // Rutgers Potluck Part 3: Pizza. Jersey Style

Our pizza is definitely better than yours.

Kemoko Turay being awesome
Kemoko Turay being awesome
Mark R. Sullivan/Gannett

New Jersey Pizza. This is not just pizza. Sure, pizza is something you can find in every state, but if you were to walk through New Brunswick (and any city in this state), where there are at least two, sometimes three pizzerias per every block, and smell the amazing pizzeria aroma drifting out the wide open doors of the shops made hot from the ovens, you'd be able to tell that New Jersey Pizza is something special. We do pizza right (also, I've had Midwest pizza... Awful. And apparently you guys think pizza chains like Dominos and Papa John's have good pizza...)

Anyway, surely there must be something that Rutgers does well compared to our B1G peers.

What do you think is something that Rutgers does best, athletics­-wise, out of all Big Ten schools?

LPW:​ New Jersey does pizza right? Are you kidding me? Chicago deep dish / stuffed all the
That being said, you guys haven't been here long enough for me to give a good answer to this question. However, I'll always laugh at the fact you guys notched your first B1G win against Michigan by blocking a kick. LOL @ Michigan.

AK: You're definitely better at being close to NYC than any other B1G school, no one can ever take that from you. I don't know man, you must be good at one of those non-revs nobody cares about, right?

C4B:​ Given that it's a sport that my school doesn't participate in and I have no concerns with Rutgers dominating, I think y'all are quite good at men's lacrosse, and that's perfectly fine.

WSR:​ Nobody can pile up athletic department deficits like Rutgers.

Jesse: ​You all easily have the most newspaper articles citing some sort of athletic deficiency ­abuse, corruption, debt, etc. ­ than the rest of the conference, so that's fun! In all seriousness, I
think you're probably best at like... uh... um... seriously, I've got nothing.

MNW: ​You are the best* at being the birthplace of college football.
*Tied with Princeton.

Babaoreally​: Rutgers is the best at making those coveted New York fans love the Big Ten. I can't count on two hands how many New Yorkers have told me they have called and demanded that their cable companies carry BTN or they will cancel their cable. Rutgers has turned New Yorkers into that "Shut Up and Take My Money" Futurama meme.

Stew: ​Athletics wise? Uh, well, they are the best at being the worst. So there's that. Congrats!

Ray: ​First of all, Chicago pizza is a crime against humanity. Whoever had the audacity to even call it pizza should be summarily executed for that unholy culinary monstrosity.Further, Jersey pizza is the best in the country. New York gets a lot of press, but think about it for a second. You know how much it costs to truck in fresh produce and ingredients? Out in Jersey, you have the same water (key ingredient), the same people, the same ingredients, but for the dollar, it's just fresher and better. New York has great pizza, for sure, but it's second best in my book. Jersey, baby!

Rutgers is the top dog for one thing: potential. Sure, the conference blue bloods have bright futures, because they have the history, infrastructure and momentum to keep things going.
Sure, Maryland is in a similar demographic situation, but they're already coming from the ACC, a financially rich conference. No other team has come from so low (low­major independent during our lifetimes) so fast. No other team has the in­state talent we have without dozens of other major in­state programs sharing the bounty. No other school is poised for exponential growth the way Rutgers is.
Yeah, we'll take our lumps in the short term, but the long­term view is as favorable for Rutgers as it is any team in the Big Ten. The Sleeping Giant Awakens!

Aaron Yorke: ​I like Chicago pizza the best, but New Jersey pizza is pretty darn good, especially at my hometown Chimney Rock Inn. I can probably destroy a whole pie there if properly motivated. Anyway, what does Rutgers do best in athletics? Probably lacrosse, since that's the only sport it regularly beats Penn State in. Lacrosse is a huge high school sport in New Jersey. I know I went to school with a bunch of Super LAX Bros. with their shorts sticks and their long sticks and their gorgeous flowing hair.