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B1G 2016 // The Nebraska Potluck is drinking the Tommy Armstrong Kool-Aid

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

It's Wednesday, and the progressive potluck just keeps chugging along. Today we're talking about the possibility of Nebraska winning 10 games under the leadership of QB Tommy Armstrong. What will it take to believe that is going to happen? Well, probably a gallon of Red Kool-Aid, which is what we're eating today. Kool-Aid, a Hastings, NE product goes down sweet with enough sugar. We're hoping there's enough sugar this season. Or something like that. Let's get to the question...

Tommy Armstrong is a really polarizing prospect. He has all of the arm strength in the world (you know, because his Arm, strong... okay) and can run people over, but like, really bad decision making. Do you think he can improve enough to lead Nebraska to 10 wins? Is it crazy of me to think that if OC Danny Langsdorf gives him easier passes, he could be all-B1G?

C4B: 10 wins? Whatever you’re on, I want some. 8 wins, though, I could easily believe.

Townie: I want him to be great. I’m rooting for Arm-punt-strong to improve his decision making, stop throwing picks and coughing up fumbles, and be a great quarterback. He’s certainly got the potential to be great. I think, with help, he can get you to ten wins...but not alone. I think he could be one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the B1G this year.

AlNamiasIV: Yes, Armstrong can improve, and yes, if the OC calls plays that are more suited to his skill set (along with the addition of a healthy De’Mornay Pierson-El), then yes, Nebraska can have one of the top-3 offenses in the conference and yes, the offense can be good enough to get to 10 wins, but no more than 10 wins. But then again, I don’t think the Huskers biggest problem was at quarterback, and I don’t know that the defense can be good enough to get Nebraska to 10 wins.

Stew: At this point, I don’t think the decision making is likely to get a whole lot better.  He’s gonna chuck it deep, it’s what he does.  He’s gonna throw a lot of INTs and he’s gonna make a lot of big plays.  I think the onus has to be on the coaches to put him in better positions.  Not calling 40 pass plays a game would be a good start.  20 is probably about the sweet spot for him.  He needs to run a lot more, too.  The question is whether Riley/Langsdorf learned this from the bowl game, or not.

GF3: If Iowa can win 12 fucking games on the arm of Sex Cannon, nothing is out of reach for Nebraska in the regular season. He doesn’t need to improve greatly. He needs Riley to teach him the limits of his playmaking. If he becomes bound by some sense of reality on the field, he could be very, very effective.

AK: In the West, all outcomes are possible. As far as about a low bar. Preseason picks for that at QB are Barrett, Beathard, and, who, Leidner? Armstrong's put up killer numbers; he just needs to not be such a bonehead with the ball, but having been in college 4 years already, I wouldn't bank on a revelation on that front.

Jesse: Look, I get the last word because it's my potluck. Anyhow, I think Tommy Armstrong has all of the tools to be successful in this offense. He has a cannon arm, he can evade rushers when blocking breaks down, and he rarely plays scared. The last part, though, is awfully sketchy. Coach Mike Riley wants him to cut the INTs to closer to 5 for the season. I'm not sure that's really realistic, but if he gets them down to single digits in general, I think he could be in the running for offensive POTY. That's how much potential there is.

Of course, I don't really know if I even believe that can happen. If it does, though, I think you'll see a really quite potent offense. Nebraska's biggest weakness probably isn't even at quarterback, but cutting down on those turnovers sure would be nice. If TA can do that, look out. The weapons around him are definitely good enough to do damage.