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B1G 2016 // The Nebraska Cornhuskers potluck cracks open a beer and laughs at Michigan State

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This week has been a great opportunity to show the world all that Nebraska has to offer, and to finish things off, I thought it would be appropriate to sit back, open a beer, and laugh at that time Nebraska beat Michigan State and almost kept them from the playoffs. Do you remember that? Let's see... EMBED TIME!


Okay, to celebrate, let's drink a Cardinal Pale Ale from Nebraska Brewing Company.

It's delicious.

Okay, last question time!

To date, my favorite thing about the Big Ten is that Nebraska has seemingly had its way with Michigan State in football and basketball. It doesn't make sense, but here we are with some upsets dotting that matchup every year. There is still nothing funnier than when we watched a meltdown of Conspartacy last year, and I hope it continues. That in mind, tell me your favorite team to own in ridiculous fashion. Conference, nationally, whatever.

C4B: There is only one answer to this question: 9-7-3.

AlNamiasIV: I enjoyed it during the aughts when Iowa owned Penn State and Michigan. I don’t know that there has been anything close to comparable (for Iowa) over the past five years.

Townie: I love that Penn State owned Notre Dame since 1980. In the 80’s we were 6 - 3 against the domers and we’re 9 - 5 since 1980.

Stew:  For a long while it was PSU.  JoPa was the one coach more conservative than Ferentz, and Ferentz took advantage.  It’s been a few years since the last PSU games, so we’ll see if it continues with noted not good coach, James Franklin.  Ferentz has also had pretty good success against Michigan.  Though, a lot of teams have done so for about the last decade, the wins in ‘02, ‘03, and ‘11 were against very good Michigan teams.

GF3: Michigan. Without a doubt. No hesitation. Watching Harbaugh get his pee-pee kicked in once again was pure magic.

AK: Piss off. Reilly still ran out on his own.