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B1G Lacrosse: Maryland Sweeps B1G and Conference Tournament

Maryland asserted its dominance in lacrosse yet again, sweeping the mens and womens titles

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With a win over the Northwestern women's lacrosse team, the Maryland Terrapins completed the sweep of everything lacrosse this year before the NCAA's.  Both the Men's and Women's lacrosse teams swept conference play in the regular season and continued to assert its dominance as they swept through their respective conference tournaments.  The end result? Two more titles to add to the cabinet.

In the Men's championship game Saturday night, the #3 mens team took on the #17 Rutgers Scarlet Knights.  Continuing its late season offensive resurgence, they got off to a hot start and scored the first goal of the game 63 seconds in and ended the first quarter up 5-2.  Rutgers would make a few runs but could never get close as Maryland pulled away and cruised to a 14-8 victory, securing the conference tournament title and AQ that comes with it for the NCAA tournament.

Maryland didn't necessarily need the AQ after goint 13-2 on the season and with them taking it they very well could have solidified only one B1G team getting into the 16 team field.  Johns Hopkins stands a solid chance to get an at large bid with Rutgers having an outside chance.  Penn State most likely needed to win the entire thing after failing to defeat Maryland in the regular season following their hot start.  They took out JHU but going for an at large bid any team would have needed to take down both Maryland and JHU in order to grab it with only 8 at large spots available.

The Women's championship game just concluded with the #1 Maryland Terrapins defeating the #3 Northwestern Wildcats 12-9 in a game that was much closer than the undefeated Terrapins would have preferred.  Sporting a 12-7 lead with 3 minutes to go, the Terps gave up 2 quick goals in two minutes to make it closer than they would have preferred but a good defensive sequence and clearing sealed the game after a timeout with 30 seconds to go.  For those that do not follow women's lacrosse, this result came as no surprise as Maryland women's lacrosse has been dominating the sport akin to the likes of UCONN women's hoops.  The only team who has challenged them has been Northwestern in recent years, coached by a Terps alumni.

The NCAA Men's Tournament selection comes tonight, which can be live streamed on but has a time TBD, most likely pending the results of any games today.  The field, as mentioned previously, consists of 16 teams split between the conference tournament champions and at large bids.  Maryland is the B1G AQ with JHU and Rutgers as the only teams from the B1G expected to perhaps grab an at large bid.

The NCAA Women's Tournament selection should come tonight as well after the conclusion of the games today and features a 26 team field split half and half between conference champion AQ's and at large bids.  Maryland is also the B1G AQ here with Northwestern a lock to receive an at large bid.


UPDATE: The men's selection show is at 9pm ET on ESPNU.  Yes, no one is watching it, we are all watching Game of Thrones


Update 2: Full men's bracket: