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B1G 2016: Wisconsin Badgers Potluck Part 3

You didn't actually think I wasn't going to mention brandy did you?

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Wisconsin is responsible for fourteen percent of the brandy consumed in the United States despite being less than two percent of the population. The majority of this is consumed in Old Fashioneds (which, as a bartender/seasoned mixologist kind of makes me cringe, it should be whiskey, you don’t put vodka in a margarita), although I know plenty of veteran Wisconsinites that drink Korbel on the rocks. Now that we don’t have to give the new kids wedgies to welcome them to the Big Ten (bonus points for not playing Penn State), which Old Fashioned Big Ten matchup will be the hardest for Wisconsin?

Al NamiasIV: The obvious answer is OSU, or Michigan if you believe the Harbaugh hype. I do; therefore, I’ll say Michigan on the road. It follows what promises to be a slugfest against MSU, and it is right before the bye week.

In terms of Old Fashioned Rivalry matchups, the Iowa game will be circled on the calendar for both teams. Win that, and Wisconsin will have a shot to win the division. Lose and it’s over. Almost worse than being out of the division race, if Wisconsin loses, it would appear to be a step behind Iowa on the B1G 2nd-tier totem pole, and that hurts long term, recruiting, pride, etc.

C4B: I’m gonna have to agree with Al here; Michigan is basically catching you at the perfect time, and is coming off a comparatively light opening schedule, so even if the Harbaugh Hype is only slightly true, you’re probably in for a rough time of it. The Michigan State game the week before and Ohio State two weeks after also merit some consideration, but the Wolverines are smack dab in the middle of this perfect storm, so they get to be hardest by default.

GF3: Michigan. The Bagders always seem to put OSU on the ropes.

Aaron: Ohio State because the Buckeyes still have a really good offense that will put pressure on Wisconsin to throw the ball instead of run and punt. Wisconsin is better at running and punting than throwing the ball.

Townie: Iowa at Iowa. The Long Legend returns! New Kirk is back for another year and they will give Wisconsin all they can handle. Iowa has the Bull...ball is in your court Wisconsin.

MNW: @Iowa or @Michigan. I’m inclined to say the latter because, as my colleagues have noted, the Badgers will come off a tough game at East Lansing and will face a team that is gonna stop the run come hell or high water. That’ll be a bruiser in Ann Arbor. @Aw, shucks.@
I’m not as concerned for the Badgers against Ohio State. Sure, the Buckeyes will be the better team and will score their points against Wisconsin, but I think there’s more of a chance (even knowing the Buckeyes return two damn good DLs) that the Badgers establish the run here. Of course, now I’ll be made to look the fool. What else is new.
Wisconsin’s obsession with brandy is upsetting, but hardly out of line for a state this ass-backwards. Get me outta here.

AK: This is definitely, totally, for reals this time the year when the Golden Gophers retake the A- hehehe no I can't say it, it's too much even for this blog. Squad's got the right idea in calling a tough matchup with Michigan a week after a probable rockfight with MSU. Harbaugh would like nothing more than to turn every game into a stripped-down arm wrassle of the wills, and Wisco's "what's passing?" offense might just get them ground into paste in that one.