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B1G 2016 - Your Minnesota Questions Answered.

As we look back at a wonderful week at OTE featuring a team you know and tolerate, let's see what you were curious about in regards to a truly B1G state.

Fire up, Mitch.
Fire up, Mitch.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Why is the University of Minnesota the premier University in the B1G, America, and world?


You forgot the part about being the most modest, too.

MN used to be really good at football and now they aren't - Why did that change?


Integration in the south did play a big part in it, as did an effort from administration to not be like Ohio State.

Why did Minnesota agree to the Axe no longer being a traveling trophy?

-Thomas Speth

People who were football fans prior to 1992 (read: people not from wisconsin) are aware of the foolishness of your question.

If/when we ever get the axe back, can we also demand the bacon?


Of course, but it won't do any good. People who support wisconsin athletics are scurrilous monsters that are without honor, which is why they stole the bacon in the first place.

What's up with St Paul's inferiority complex?


I don't understand the question.  St. Paul, In spite of being superior to Minneapolis in every way (except "Where are you more likely to get mugged?") allows Minnespolis to get headlines. The generosity and magnanimous nature of St. Paul is only overshadowed by the desire to keep people that like Minneapolis out of St. Paul.

Why does the basketball team keep hiring shitty coaches?


God, I wish I knew.

When I say (actually, type) the name "Justin Kucek", what thoughts immediately come to mind?


"Why has Glen Mason never had a coach dedicated to special teams? He always handles it himself, and the results are OH GOD DAMN IT NOT AGAIN!!!"

Does Minnesota have a convenient, yet fashionable, bag for their goalposts?


Yes! Following the move to TCF Bank Stadium, we have uprights that come down quickly and efficiently and can be put into a bag.  Even better, they collapse so that if anyone were to ever get them they could avoid being confused by the concept of "doors" preventing their escape.

For the newer conference members: Why is Minnesota the clear choice for team you care the least about playing in your new conference?


That's not how you spell "Purdue" at all.

Why do Minny fans love Mitch Leidner?

-Bagels are for champions

Right now, love is a strong word.  Plenty of us like him because he's a tough kid that's done tolerable for large stretches of his career. And he's "one of us."  I think the legend of Mitch Leidner will continue to grow after he's gone, much as the legend of Adam Weber has grown.

My little brother just finished up his first year at Minnesota and I didn’t get a chance to visit this past year. Now that he will be out of the dorms, what are some big weekends on campus, outside of football games (because duh), that I should consider visiting him for?

-Littering and

Ok, two great ones were hit in the comments.  Spring Jam can be awesome.  It's been a tradition to really blow off steam there.  And the State Fair can be a fun time if you're willing to get ran over by double-wide strollers.  If North Dakota was coming to town for a hockey series (Sadly, the series will be played in Grand Forks this season), I'd strongly recommend that.  Alcohol and chippiness will be plentiful.

I've never had a beer brewed in Minnesota. Is it any good?


Yes.  Oh my, yes.  Minnesota is full of great breweries.  From the larger guys making Grain Belt and Schell's to craft breweries in Summit and Surly and Insight and 612 Brew and Finnegans and Fulton and 3rd Street and Lift Bridge, we've got an excess of great beer.

When you guys lose games to Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern or Nebraska what beer do you drain your sorrows with?


Grain Belt Premium early in the season, Nordeast when it gets cooler outside.

Does Minnesota really have 10,000 lakes? Are they fed by tears?


15,291. No.

Tracy Claeys, Dilly Bar Dan, Ryan Santoso, or some other really fat guy in the Minnesota program?

Who won this year’s tater tot hotdish casserole eating contest?


Of the actual people named, my money would be Dan. He's the only native Minnesotan and would have no problem with eating large amounts of hotdish.

Was Michael Jackson 100x, 1,000x or 1,000,000x better than Prince?

-Jon Ross

In what regard? Dancing? Sure. Anything related to music? That'd be Prince in a landslide.

What are the local views on the last season of Fargo?


We'll have to get some outside help on this, because I don't tend to watch much TV that isn't sports.

Will Rutgers beat you?


Oh you. No.

How much do Minnesota fans care about Michigan?


For me personally, it was a détente from hockey because we were both kings of our respective leagues.  We also had some issues with the NCAA and basketball, although only one of us got fair punishment for it.  And as for football, I can respect Michigan football when you're led by something other than an overgrown toddler.  I just don't understand the air of entitlement from fans of a program that have won a half of a national title less than Minnesota since the start of the Korean War.

Are all of you bad at throwing shade? Or is it just the Central New York goofs?


I don't think we're bad. I also think most of us are a bit more cautious about which fire-breathing windmills we try to attack.

Big Ten Hockey: Great Idea, or greatest idea?


Mr. Alvarez, I've told you before to stop contacting me.  I will not be spewing your propaganda about this crap conference you hoisted upon us all.

Hockey vs Football, Baseball, and Basketball: Which is most important? Would you trade your success in hockey for .500 teams in other sports?


First of all: Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball.  Secondly: "Success"? Thirdly: I would trade a shitty, pointless B1G hockey title for a football title in a heartbeat.

@BenjaminJDawson what would it take for minnesota to join the b12? is the U really the best sports school in the state right now?


We are a charter member of the B1G, ma'am. We're not leaving. Especially for a place where we'd have to trade Iowa fans for Iowa State fans.  That's absolutely ridiculous.  And yes, it is the best sports school in the state.  St. Thomas isn't even in the conversation, although we are proud of their accomplishments.

@BenjaminJDawson Who hates Iowa?


Plenty of people, I'm sure.

@BenjaminJDawson Got any pills?


Does hydrochlorothiazide or ibuprofen count?

Dear @BenjaminJDawson what is your favorite Minnesota loss and why is it 1983 to Nebraska?


That was the first game my dad ever took me to, so I do have an appreciation for it.  Despite what happened, it was a key moment in the development of me as a sports fans and OH GOD DAMN IT SOMEBODY COVER IRVING FRYAR! HE'S WIDE OPEN AGAIN!

What say you...another 5 years before we beat Wisconsin or another 10 years?


175 days.