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B1G 2016 // Maryland Terrapins Potluck Part 1: Breakfast

This Angry Pig Omelette from the Iron Rooster is good for soaking up all of the alcohol you're about to consume

Tweet via @ironroosterfood

Appetizer Breakfast: Angry Pig Omelette, Iron Rooster in Annapolis

Appetizers? I’ll echo WSR from last week: Eat what you want when you want. So let’s start with breakfast as well because who doesn’t like breakfast food? If you don't, you can just see yourself out now. I’ve yet to have something from the Iron Rooster that isn’t legitimately within the Top 3 of that food category. The name of the omelette alone is reminiscent of Maryland’s schedule: filled with angry midwesterners who are annoyed with Maryland in the conference and awarded them with a tough conference schedule.

So how many games does Maryland win this year keeping in mind the Penn State ® soft out of conference schedule and Purdue as homecoming? What is your favorite all time breakfast food?

Andrew Kraszsewski: The two random road games against second-tier Florida schools is weird, but the noncon should be a sweep. Purdue is as close to a sure thing as you get in conference, but after that I wouldn't say there's a single certainty, not even Rootjars on Senior Day. Still, let's call it 6 wins for bowl eligibility. They'll probably win one game with a conference peer and one over someone they shouldn't beat.

C4B: You’re set up to have a great look at 4-0. The problem is what comes after that. I think it’s reasonable to expect you get to 5 wins, but 6 and anything more than that is gonna be tough and require a bit of luck as well as a good effort.

And like anyone who doesn’t have dietary restrictions preventing them from eating bacon isn’t gonna say bacon is their favorite breakfast food. Come on, DJ, you should know this by now.

Al NamiasIV: If Maryland isn’t 4-0 heading into Beaver Stadium then there is something seriously wrong in Under Armour Land. After that it gets pretty dicey, but I’d say Maryland, despite a new coaching staff, has a good chance to get to six wins and a bowl game; however, I don’t see the Terps doing it. In fact, I’ll put Maryland at five wins--along with the first four, they’ll also manage to beat Rutgers. The bigger question than the wins is if the team keeps fighting and improving through the losses.

I like omelettes.

Stew: 4-0 is almost guaranteed. Getting the last 2 wins to get to bowl eligibility will be a hard road, but doable. It’s not too hard to see two wins out of Penn State, Minnesota, Indiana, UNL, and buttgers. Granted, Maryland has almost no quarterbacks, and they’ll likely be underdogs in at least 5 of those games. So, I’ll say they go a respectable 5-7 in Durkin’s first year.

Also, bacon, bacon, and more bacon. I went to a brunch buffet on Sunday, they had thick cut bacon. I went all Ron Swanson on it.

LPW: I agree with Al on things being seriously wrong in Terpland if you aren’t 4-0 going into the Penn State game. I see you guys probably beating Penn State (I’m low on PSU because it’s funny to see Coach Hype crash and burn), and having a tossup against Minnesota, and then not winning again until you play the Scarlet Knights.

As for breakfast food, I’ll head over to Clarke’s The Biograph Diner on Lincoln Ave to get a ham and cheese omelette with a side of pancakes. Or, I'll head over to RJ Grunts to get their breakfast buffet.

WSR: Like everyone else, I think 4-0 is probably. And you’ve got Rutgers. After that you’ve got 3 games the rest of the year that you may be able to win if things break properly. My guess is that you’ll get to 6 and a bowl, but that’s about it.

As for breakfast, since bacon garnished with bacon and a side of bacon seems like a bit much [STEW: THE HELL YOU SAY!] (Speth seconds Stew), (LPW: There’s nothing wrong with bacon) I’ll go with a Bloody Mary. What? It’s got food in it.

Speth: /notices at least 3 people simultaneously editing /loses all train of thought... Where were we? Oh Maryland’s schedule /looks at Maryland’s schedule... 5-7. 3-0 nonconference plus Purdue and Buttgers. Win more than six and I’ll tolerate your presence despite not winning any lacrosse thingys. YOU HAD ONE JOB MARYLAND. NON REVENUE NATIONAL TITLES. ONE. JOB. Favorite breakfast food? All of them. On the same plate preferably with a nice ice cold tall screwdriver to wash it all down.

Zuzu: Breakfast… As a college student, any food in my pantry, fridge, or freezer is breakfast… if I even decide to eat in the morning. Pancakes are breakfast food, right? Sorry, it’s been so long since I had any designated meal time food for its intended meal time. I believe Maryland gets 4 wins, maybe 5. I believe they win their first three non-conference games, then beat Purdue. All the games after that… good luck, Derps. And LOL, at those who believe Rutgers is going to let Maryland beat them again.

Aaron Yorke: Penn State's non-conference schedule might be soft, but Maryland's is SAWFT. Did the Terps think that by scheduling two non-conference games on the road that we would somehow not realize that they were against winless Central Florida and Florida International? That Howard game might be Maryland's toughest before it comes to State College in early October. Starting 4-0 is a good bet, but after that it's hard to see the Terps getting more than six wins. I'm saying you split the Indiana and Rutgers games to get to 5-7.

My favorite breakfast food is anything at the downtown State College Waffle Shop, and not just because I was ready to devour a horse by the time they gave us a table. Also, the egg and cheese sandwiches are McLanahan's were so clutch when walking over to Beaver Stadium on a Saturday morning. Hold it, I'm changing my choice to the breakfast sandwiches. Even better than the ones at Wawa.