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Iowa Mailbag: The Answers to Life, The Universe, and Everything.

We got questions. We got questions. We got lots, and lots of questions. MAILBAG!

In the B1G, FB is the ultimate answer.

Let’s jump right in.

When does Ferentz sign his next contract extension? - ziowa9

Al NamiasIV: Within the next few weeks. Gary Barta has been vocal at the B1G Media Days that the details are currently being worked out and should be finished before the season. I don't expect there to be a buyout a la the last contract and all of Ferentz’s ‘‘raises’’ will be incentive based.

Creighton: Marc Morehouse reported earlier this week that Barta and Ferentz are hashing out the details of what is to be Ferentz’s final contract before retirement. He is secured for four more seasons. When will this deal be finalized and how long will it be? Who knows.

Stew: Yup, it’s probably before the season even starts. Morehouse and Doc have also reported that it won’t just be a rollover type extension. It’ll be a new contract that will be longterm enough to take him to retirement. Ferentz is 64 now, Fry was 69 (nice) when he retired, and that was because of cancer. So, prepare for another super contract that takes him through 2025ish. My guess is that maybe the buyout isn’t so high, because there’s really no threat of him leaving anymore. However, I would also bet there’s a raise for him, a huge raise for the assistants, and a shit ton of incentive based bonuses.

If Hawkeyes on my belly guy played for Iowa what position would he play? - 87 RIdes a Surfboard

Al NamiasIV: Long snapper.

Creighton: Offensive Coordinator

Stew: Obviously, he doesn’t have the footwork down to be much of use at most positions. And the way the position has been going in the conference, he looks to have the build to be a kicker.

Who would you rather have on your side in a bar fight, Hawkeyes on my Belly or Vodka Sam? -vaudvillain

Creighton: H.O.M.B. distracts people from the extremely disfigured tigerhawk on his house (garage?) by pointing out that he has Hawkeyes on his belly. Vodka Sam blew a truly epic .341 and got arrested for trying to jump on the field, then proceeded to tweet “#YOLO” about the whole experience. At the risk of sounding like I support binge drinking and hooliganism, give me the tiny female version of Wade Boggs every time.

Stew: Vodka Sam, hands down. H.O.M.B can barely stand. Vodka Sam was blowing a .341 and able to write coherently on a phone and raising hell. She will kick ass.

By what margin will the hawkeyes get rolled when next they play the buckeyes? - NC_Buckeye

Al NamiasIV: Last time, Iowa held their own. No, I don't expect Iowa to beat the Buckeyes (in the B1G Championship) but you have to go back to 2006 to find the last time OSU rolled Iowa.

Creighton: Ferentz tends to play Ohio State pretty well, or at least as well as you can possibly play against a team that usually beats you. But the Hawkeyes are due, so give me Iowa by 4 after a fluke defensive touchdown.

Stew: I assume this just means that Iowa won the West Division. Also, it probably depends on if Meyer needs to be make a statement to make the playoffs.

What is the highest point in Iowa and what can you see from there? - WestCoast_RU

Al NamiasIV: I live in Wisconsin, not Iowa so I couldn't say. In my experience, Iowa isn't as flat as northeasterners like me are led to believe. It's more rolling and hilly like that Dar Williams song.

Creighton: I don’t know...Pikes Peak State Park maybe? Anyway the answer to the second part of your question is obviously corn.

Stew: What’s kind of funny is that the highest point of Iowa is kind of flat.

Hawkeye Point: Oh look, corn.

However, if there are really some beautiful places with great hiking in the driftless area. I went to school in Decorah, right in the area. It’s gorgeous. Hiking trails to caves and waterfalls:

Dunnings Springs

Which fan base is more jealous of Iowa football: Goophs or Brasska? Can new Kirk live up to 2016 expectations? - BentNotBroken

Al NamiasIV: Nebraska. That's why they hired Kirk Light to replace Darth Vader.

Depends on what those expectations are. Another 12-0? Not a chance. 10 wins? 50/50.

Creighton: Nebraska, but after giving up 55 points in a home loss to Purdue last year they have reason to be jealous of pretty much everybody. You know...except Iowa State.

I’m not entirely sure what 2016 expectations are at this point. I see most people predicting the Hawkeyes to take a tumble back to earth this year. I would say a fair expectation of a team returning a significant amount of talent that played for a league championship last year would be at least to repeat as division champs. Iowa has a tougher schedule this year so maybe, maybe not. I think double-digit wins are not out of the question, however.

Stew: Going the other way, it’s Minnesota.

UNL, for the most part, still doesn’t want to settle for the type of success Iowa has had under Ferentz, despite not reaching the same heights as Iowa has in the last 10 years.

Minnesota, though? When was the last time they finished the season ranked? 2003. Iowa has finished in the top 10 4 times since then (2003, 2004, 2009, 2015). Minnesota would Kill for that. Oh, hey, what’s that? They even hired a run first, defensive minded, process oriented, conservative coach? Well then...

Also, who’s expectations? I’ll say they CAN live up to expectations, but probably not the hopes.

When does BF take over for GD as OC?Does Iowa find a legitimate pass rush?

Al NamiasIV: He doesn't. Brian needs to get some more experience somewhere else. Hopefully, he knows that.

That’s the million dollar question. If they do, they will have the No. 2 or 3 scoring defense in the conference.

Creighton: Greg Davis bought himself some more time in Iowa City last year. He’s had plenty of time to get the kind of players he wants in the system, so this year he needs to continue the growth he showed last year. If he doesn’t? I think Brian still has some waiting to do. I would love to see him take the helm, but it won’t do him any good to hand him the keys to a B1G offense without teaching him how to drive it first.

Stew: This makes me really conflicted. Because I am still not a Greg Davis fan. I think Brian Ferentz is a pretty good coach, and could make a decent OC. However, I am not a big fan of nepotism. I think having him be the OC for the first time now could be an issue. Also, he’s not a QB guy, he’s an OL guy. But I do think it’s obvious that he’s being groomed, so I’ll say 2019.


Does Iowa have a RB that surpasses 1,000 yards in 2016?

Al NamiasIV: If Leshun Daniels stays healthy, yes. If not, no.

Creighton: I doubt it. If Ferentz can continue to trust Akrum Wadley, expect a runningback-by-committee situation.

Stew: Yes, but barely. 1000 for Daniels, 800 for Wadley.

If Iowa were to repeat an undefeated regular season, at what point do the national pundits implode?

Al NamiasIV: Right after Iowa beats Michigan.

Creighton: Most of them will have quit before the CCG rolls around. Colin Cowherd will probably spend a week breaking down each individual win and why it should have an asterisk next to it, and continue being watched by nobody except his cat.

Stew: After going 8-0 with the win over Wisconsin. Because Iowa will still not have played a good team.

Which team really does hate Iowa the most?

Al NamiasIV: If this site is a microcosm of the B1G landscape and the ‘‘writers’’ represent their respective fanbases then definitely Wisconsin. Speth has a bug up his ass the size of Devils Lake where it concerns Iowa (both the state and the football team).

Creighton: Personally I hate Iowa State the most. I mostly respect Wisconsin, Minny and Nebraska, though I’ve been known to talk a lot of shit towards them...just because. For Iowa fans as a whole: I promise this is a question there is no real answer to. ISU just annoys us with their crybaby little-brother routine. Wisconsin probably stacks up as the best traditional rival based on distance, head-to-head and close ties between the programs and is usually a great game to watch. Minnesota has the only trophy we all truly covet. Everyone seems to hate Nebraska fans, so there’s that. They were more fun to play when they had a coach that jumped up and down like Yosemite Sam on the sideline

Stew: Depends on what you mean. I hate UNL the most, overall. I hate to lose to ISU the most. I like beating WI the most. And Floyd is the best trophy.

Minnesota v Iowa
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Which team’s fan base has a secret desire to have KF as their head coach?

Creighton: Didn’t Nebraska just hire a worse version of Kirk Ferentz?

Al NamiasIV: If Harbaugh doesn't work out, then Michigan. Otherwise, Nebraska. What else could explain Riley?

Stew: Minnesota

What is the highest rank Iowa achieves this year?

Al NamiasIV: Nine.

Creighton: I have no idea. If they start the season on a nice winning streak, I think they’ll climb the polls much faster than they did last year. So... 7ish?

Stew: #1 Baby! WOO!!!! Eh, really, I’ll say 6ish once they get to 9-0.

Does Iowa use Parker in a capacity other than a failed jet sweep?

Creighton: Nope

Al NamiasIV: Not anymore. He's out for 6-8 weeks with a foot injury. That will give another young receiver a chance to pass him. I don't expect to see much more of Parker for the remainder of his career.

Stew: I believe he’s a RS Jr. this year. I still think there’s a place for his speed on the field. Maybe a tunnel screen. But it will be incredibly obvious.

Who emerges at TE2?

Al NamiasIV: Pekar begins the year at No. 2. True freshman Noah Fant supplants Pekar after the bye week. I expect to see Fant miss some blocks that will really hurt the Hawkeyes, but I also expect to see a few memorable catches when he lines up in the slot. Hopefully, Ferentz will forgive the missed blocks and let the youngster make his mistakes.

Creighton: I think Peter Pekar has emerged as the clear favorite, but lurking somewhere in the shadows is Jon Wisnieski. Jon’s big year was supposed to be last year, but he barely saw the field. He’s had a quiet spring and hasn’t turned many heads. If the former 4-star recruit makes a few plays in Iowa’s early contests, however, he might be the man right behind Kittle.

Stew: Jon Wisnieski gets those snaps. He’s had some injury history in the past, but is now healthy. I think he has a good enough pedigree that his talent starts to shine.

Who will be the biggest surprise, for Iowa this year?

Al NamiasIV: Jay Scheel. Not at a Marvin McNutt production level, but he’ll pick up 20-30 receptions as the outside receiver (the X-receiver) in 3-wide sets, including a couple of field-stretching catches.

Creighton: Jerminic Smith. He was somewhat impressive in his limited action this year. Another year in Doyle’s weight room will have turned him into a true offensive weapon.

Stew: I’d like to pick a WR, but even Tevaun Smith couldn’t get outsiders to take a look at him, and Tevaun Smith isn’t walking through that door. I’m all in on Matt Nelson. I’m not sure if his sacks will be there. But I think he’s going to own his edge. I’ll also throw some love at whoever takes over the 3rd LB spot, whether it’s Aaron Mends or Jack Hockaday.

How much does Harbaugh whine about the crowd noise in Kinnick this year?

Al NamiasIV: About as much as he whines about anything else that doesn't go his way. Maybe he should take his shirt off on the sidelines and sleep on Kirk Ferentz’s living room floor.

Creighton: Harbaugh cheered for Iowa long before he went to Michigan. He spent part of his childhood in Iowa City, and knows what to expect. Having said that: I think he gets ejected for throwing his headset at a drunk fan in the first quarter.

Stew: He’ll whine, for sure, but I think Barta has done a good enough job stifling the environment that it won’t be about the crowd.

Which team does Iowa have the largest win margin against, outside of the Ohio game?

Creighton: I’m going to say Penn State. I know they got rid of Hackenberg and will be better than last year by default, but this just sounds right. It will be interesting to see how Coach Hype turns the experience into a positive and starts bragging about it.

Al NamiasIV: Illinois. The Illini are going to be really, really bad this year.

Stew: Buttgers. Buttgers is bad, has almost no talent, and is changing to a fast paces spread offense. And it’s going to be pretty early in the season. They are going to go 3 and out very quickly. At least with IL and PU, they’ll take time off the clock with their offenses.

If the Iowa football team were to play the Alabama football team, who would win at table tennis?

Al NamiasIV: Whichever team would win, ESPN would spin it so that the SEC looks good.

Creighton: That I don’t know. But I promise you we would kick their ass at foosball (and then Paul Finebaum would complain about how it wasn’t a level playing field because we wouldn’t let them spin any of the players except the keeper so actually no it doesn’t count as a win).

Stew: On this I’ll put money on the Long Legend to carry Iowa.

Which Iowa player wins B1G poty: Beathard, King or the punter?

Al NamiasIV: Neither. You know as well as I do that the POTY will come out of Columbus or maybe Ann Arbor.

Creighton: Well they give out separate POTY awards for offense and defense, so obviously both win. Also Colten Rastetter wins punter of the year. Go Hawks.

Stew: I can see a scenario where Barrett wins offensive POTY, but Beathard wins QB of the Year.

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