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So You're Saying There's a Chance: 2016-17 Big Ten Championship Odds

Even-money favorites to win both the East and West, and Nebraska's overrated.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Vegas-based Bovada recently released its betting odds for all of college football, including both divisions of the Big Ten, the conference championship game, and the College Football Playoff.

We've got 'em listed for you in fractional (i.e. 2:1 means you bet one dollar to win two) and percentage odds (just use the odds converter if you're confused), along with some thoughts for each division:

Le Odds

West East
Iowa 1:1 50% Ohio State 1:1 50%
Nebraska 2:1 33.3% Michigan 5:4 44.4%
Wisconsin 4:1 20% Michigan State 6:1 14.3%
Northwestern 9:1 10% Penn State 10:1 9.1%
Minnesota 14:1 6.7% Indiana 33:1 2.9%
Illinois 25:1 3.9% Maryland 33:1 2.9%
Purdue 33:1 2.9% Rutgers 50:1 2%


  • 2:1 for a team coming off (granted) an unlucky but still unimpressive 6-7 campaign? Get those sweet, sweet Nebraska bets, Vegas. [Note to OTE readers: This is a bad bet. Do not do it.]
  • Not knowing what last year's line was, it's almost a little disconcerting to see Ohio State at only even money. Really buying into the HARBAUGH mystique and Michigan's schedule, eh?
  • Also do not bet on Northwestern. I know, 9:1 is a sexy teaser. Just save yourself the loss. It's not The Year. It's never The Year.
  • There's a healthy amount of #disrespekt for Michigan State and a fair bit of #pleasewastemoneyonus for Penn State, as per usual. I think it might be worth the bet on Sparty, but I'm not coming near Happy Valley. [This is also a general rule for life.]
  • I wanted to be more upset about Iowa (noted "12-0 clownfraud trash" Iowa) at even money...but given a crossover schedule against @Rutgers, @Penn State, and Michigan while Wisconsin finally has to play a real schedule, I guess even money makes sense.

B1G and National Odds

B1G and Nat'l Championship
Ohio St 7:4 36.4% 8:1 11.1%
Michigan 7:4 36.4% 10:1 9.1%
Michigan St 7:1 12.5% 22:1 4.4%
Iowa 9:1 10% 66:1 1.5%
Nebraska 9:1 10% 76:1 1.3%
Wisconsin 14:1 6.7% 100:1 1%
Penn State 18:1 5.3% 300:1 0.33%
Northwestern 33:1 2.9% 200:1 0.5%
Minnesota 40:1 2.4%
Indiana 50:1 2%
Illinois 50:1 2%
Maryland 50:1 2%
Purdue 100:1 1%
Rutgers 100:1 1%


  • Well, there's the "Big Ten East triumphant" narrative, borne out in betting odds. Even a Michigan State bet, which is paying 6:1 to get them out of the East in the first place, still has better odds than even money Iowa winning the Big Ten Championship.
  • If anyone's got a chip on their shoulder here, it should definitely be Iowa fans. No one I know is seriously taking Northwestern to win it all, and while Wisconsin has a...mixed record in the conference championship, somewhere in the 12-15:1 range seems about right for a program of their caliber.
  • Nebraska is still a sucker's bet.
  • Penn State as a 18:1 pick to win the conference...jeez. See: Nebraska, betting on.
The Full Odds:


Let us know your thoughts and which bets you're taking in the comments!