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Best B1G Brewery Challenge, Round 1: OH, MN, IL

Find out who advanced out of the play-in games from Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois, and see what happens now that the big hitters enter play -- we've got Great Lakes, Surly, Goose Island, and more!


We've got all our play-in voting finished, and now it's time to hit the full bracket with everything decided! Jump on down and vote on your favorites in Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois, and be sure to head back and vote on the others!

Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey

Nebraska and Pennsylvania

Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin

See the full and updated bracket here!

Rules and bracket can be found here and early discussion of the breweries can be found here.

Dilly Bar Dan Bracket


It was upsets all the way around in the play-in voting for Ohio, as Jackie O's saw off Hoppin' Frog and Fat Head's doubled up Seventh Son.

#1 Great Lakes Brewing Co. vs. #5 Jackie O's Brewery

#2 Rhinegeist Brewing Co. vs. #6 Fat Head's Brewery


Indeed saw off its Nordeast neighbor, while Summit reaffirmed that Saint Paul is, in fact, superior to Minneapolis.

#1 Surly Brewing Co. vs. #5 Indeed Brewing Co.

MNW's Hot Taek: I'm calling for the upset, and I'm not sorry in the slightest. Surly has challenged the entire Minnesota brewing scene to step up its game, and they have in a big way. I love Indeed -- it's a gem set back along the railroad tracks in Nordeast, makes a phenomenal range of styles, and I'll take the Wooden Soul sour series over Pentagram. Then again, what do I know?

#2 August Schell Brewing Co. vs. #3 Summit Brewing Co.

MNW's Hot Taek: Seeing as how my dad grew up just 13 miles down the road in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, and my mom is a Saint Paul East Sider, I'm pretty much screwed no matter which way I vote here. But I vote for longevity and commitment to craft -- Schell's has that. Read up on their history if you have some time, and definitely pick up some Goosetown Gose, Chimney Sweep, or any of the Noble Star Series when you see it available.

Plus, WhiteSpeedReceiver and Deadspin will back me up: Grain Belt is the best cheap beer on the goddamn planet. Thanks, Schell's!

Chicago's Big Ten Bracket


#1 Goose Island Brewing Co. vs. #4 Revolution Brewing

MNW's Hot Taek: There's a time to discuss how "crafty" Goose Island is anymore, but I think the quality of their deeper stuff--I'm talking Sofie, Matilda, and Lolita, to say nothing of BCS--sets them apart. Revolution, if it continues to expand, will be much, much higher than a 4-seed the next time I'm crazy enough to try this, but Goose Island still should come out on top.

#2 Half Acre Beer Company vs. #3 Pipeworks Brewing Co.


Vote in the other polls! The first two close in less than 24 hours.

Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey

Nebraska and Pennsylvania

Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin

Tell us your favorites in the comments! Thanks as always for reading and voting.