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Best B1G Brewery Challenge, Round 2: IA, IN, NJ

One Iowa vote came down to TWO VOTES...see who advanced to the STATE FINALS in Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey, and vote on those states!


After 48* hours of voting on each state, it's time to find out the winners from Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey and vote on the best brewery in each state!

See the rules here and the fully updated bracket here.

Vote on Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois

Vote on Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin

[*My apologies on this series being delayed today. Internet at Marquette was totally out for about 4-5 hours today, so instead of doing OTE at work, I had to...actually work at work. It was not fun. Look for Nebraska and Pennsylvania to be released sometime tonight.]

Onto the results!

Don't Read the Comments Bracket


It was...a bit of a #beatemdown in the Iowa 1-4 matchup, as Toppling Goliath cruised to an easy victory over newcomer Lion Bridge. Some commenters took umbrage to the exclusion of both Confluence and Exile Brewing, so give them a look if you're ever forced to spend a little time in the state of Iowa.

There was, however, a little extra drama:

Look at that again: Peace Tree edged out Millstream by just TWO VOTES! Truly, democracy in action. It'll be a little tougher sledding in the Iowa Finals, though...

#1 Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. vs. #3 Peace Tree Brewing Co.

What They're Saying

[Introducing a new part of this where I post all the hot, spicy taeks that you, the commenter, have on these beers! Looks a lot stupider when they're in the article, doesn't it? NOW HOW DO YOU FEEL? -MNW]

[On Peace Tree]: I'm not wild about the Fatale but the rest of those beers are very good.

-Hawkeye Hodor

Toppling Goliath is one of the few good things to come out of Iowa. PseudoSue is phenomenal.


Millstream is trash and Peace Tree's Blonde Fatale is a top 5 beer. C'mon now.


MNW's Hot Taek: Yeah I stick by what I said about Blonde Fatale, Max. Sorry :) it's Toppling Goliath, head and shoulders (see what I did there) above the rest of the crowd in Iowa.

Speth's Liver Memorial Bracket


Chalk, and lots of it in the Indiana bracket, as Three Floyds put a TG-level beatdown on Sun King Brewery, while the Bloomington faithful came out in support of Upland Brewing over 18th Street. Gary-Hammond just can't catch a break, man.

#1 3 Floyds Brewing Co. vs. #2 Upland Brewing Co.

What They're Saying:

[On 3 Floyds]: Dark Lord, which is their imperial stout, is maybe the best beer ever made. If you can find it drink the fuck out of it.

-87 Rides a Surfboard

I have 3 bottles. It's not even top 5 Imperial Stouts I've had in the last year.


/wanking motion

-87 Rides a Surfboard

Three Floyds is a good brewery that makes good beer. I think the problem is that there's a mania around the product that exceeds what any brewery could possibly deliver. Zombie Dust, in particular, is hyped so much that you think it could cure cancer, win games for [404: FILE NOT FOUND] and make people believe buttgers invented football. I admit, it's a good beer. But it's not THAT good.


What??? No Upland?? That's a miss! I'm not a fan of Dragonfly, but then I'm not a fan of IPAs. Their Upland Wheat is very good as is their Easy Chair amber.


New Jersey

results recap

#1 Flying Fish Brewing Co. vs. #2 River Horse Brewing Co.

What They're Saying:

River Horse is my personal favorite of the three, 100% because of this sweet nectar:


There were a lot of opinions about how good Carton and Kane are. Distribute more, Carton and Kane! We want to drink your beer!

Anyways, I'm out of my element here and still not sure why New Jersey is in a Midwestern beer competition. Vote!


These three polls will determine who you, the OTE commentariat, think deserve to advance to the All-Midwest-and-Apparently-New-Jersey-and-Maryland-Too Round of 16 [better title forthcoming]. Be sure to vote in the state semifinals for the other still-going brackets, and let us know your picks in the comments!

c/p polls

Thanks as always for reading OTE and voting!