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Pre-Season Mailbag Questions Please

You know you want to ask us...

Yes, Connor, We Can Answer Your Questions Too
Yes, Connor, We Can Answer Your Questions Too
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We Are (see what I did there?) T-Minus 1 Week and counting for college football, ladies and gentlemen!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready. Past ready. [Fill in your inappropriate anticipation analogy] ready. After several months of shit talking, self aggrandizement, and anticipatory agony, it’s time to see it on the field.

I know that college football is really the bread and circus reinvented for the modern age, but I do love it. And it’s time once again for our boys to take the field.

However, before the season starts, I want to get your pre-season questions for the mailbag. What questions didn’t the "writers" answer for you? What hole in your psyche can we mend before the season begins?

What burning questions linger in your...about football, burning questions about football...never mind. Just put them in the comments below.

Please send us your questions, concerns, and entreaties for the season.

My colleagues (ahem) and I will do our best to get answers back to you in a timely manner. Prepare to be enlightened, you punks.

Your Friend,