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Best B1G Brewery Challenge: Second Chance Voting

We're still one brewery away from setting up the last 16! Will it be from your state? Vote today!


Hi all! Sorry that Best B1G Brewery Challenge had to take a little break this week -- I had initially planned to wrap up Wednesday night to get enough voting on state finals, but new students and orientation requirements and the like meant that took a bit of a backseat for a couple days.

But you don't care about my life! You care about beer.

(That's kind of where I'm at right now too, to be honest.)

Shut up, MNW. Tell us about beer.

You're right, Bold Headers Guy! Sorry. So we've voted on all 11 states in the Big Ten footprint, and as such, today I'll be revealing those winners.

For their brewing reputation and relative ubiquity in the Midwest, the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois were given a second "auto-bid" back into what I'm now calling the Sudsy Sixteen. That means the runner-up from each of those four states (as you can see on the bracket) were re-entered away from their respective states in draw.


Fine, you whiner. Results!

Don't Read the Comments Bracket



...excuse me. Bell's re-enters the competition to play the winner from Pennsylvania in Chicago's Big Ten Bracket. Given the Michigan and Michigan State presence at Ryan Field and Welsh-Ryan Arena for 'Cats games, this is still an appropriate bracket characterization.


No surprises here, as Toppling Goliath remains [wait for it] head and shoulders above the rest of the Iowa brewing scene. They advance to face the winners out of..


CC to Flying Dog: I will endorse the hell outta your beer over Iowa's if you send me a case of Raging Bitch [is this where a mother-in-law-visiting joke goes?] before B1G football season.

Dilly Bar Dan Bracket


The clock has struck midnight, the slipper has fallen off... I'm out. Sorry, Fat Head's, but it was a helluva run. Great Lakes, like Cleveland, currently reigns.


This defeat won't deter me. Team Saint Paul for life. I ain't even mad, though, because Summit re-enters the bracket against the winners out of Illinois. Surly takes on a surprisingly feisty victor from...


...wait. Do you hear that?

What's that sound?

Of rumbling footsteps in the distance...

Angry fingers hammering away at the keyboard...

Tweets...and retweets...


Congrats to the many and motivated voters of Zipline Brewing, who have vaulted the Lincoln institution into the final 16 over Nebraska Brewing Company. They'll take on Surly next.

Speth's Liver Memorial Bracket


It's no big surprise in Wisconsin, as Lakefront couldn't stand up to the legend of Spotted Cow and the irresistible lure of New Glarus. They'll take on the loser of the Illinois bracket.


You expected different? Not even Nebraska Twitter could produce a margin this lopsided. 3 Floyds will face the winner from...

New Jersey

Does this qualify as an upset? I genuinely don't know. New Jersey had the lowest voting turnout of any state,!


The dream keeps on rolling for Revolution, as they took down their third consecutive opponent. A path to the quarterfinals looks manageable for the Logan Square brewery, as Revolution faces Summit, the Minnesota runner-up, next.


A highly motivated electorate (the second-highest of the state finals, I believe) led Voodoo to a massive victory over and mild upset of Troegs in Pennsylvania. Voodoo, though, gets the loser of Michigan's state final in the next round, meaning...

/checks bracket

Bell's. Let's do this.

Anyways, that's the state finals voting! You can check out the bracket and start letting us know your predictions for the finals in the comments -- voting will be up Monday!

Bigger image here.

That only gives us 15 breweries, you clumsy oaf.

Now you're probably thinking, that only gives us 15 breweries, you clumsy oaf!

...oh. I see. You are thinking that.

It does only give us 15 breweries! Of the remaining states, I couldn't decide/didn't know a second top-tier brewery in the state, so stealing from the MLB All-Star Game, we're having a Fan Vote [I know this is all a Fan Vote. I'm tired and this was poorly conceived].

This part is pretty straight-forward: Voting remains open until Monday morning, and you have to choose from the seven remaining runners-up. Bios and link are below! Vote and recruit other voters for your favorite brewery to rejoin the competition!