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Innaugural 2016 CFB Gamethread: Hawaii vs. Cal

College Football. Australia. It’s happening.

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl - Air Force v California Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

College football is here! Sort of. It’s actually in Australia but we’ll take something that counts over NFL pre-season games. Things are different in Australia, some that we should be aware of. At least some are finding reasons why we should watch the game though. Here are the details:

Hawaii vs. California (-20.5) || 10:00pm ET || ESPN

I mean, this is really going to be a blowout and the Australians deserve a better game than this for something where we are showing off American football. It’ll be high scoring though and sometimes that is all you need for some entertainment value.

Normal rules apply: No illegal links, no personal attacks, and in general don’t be an asshat. Enjoy!