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Best B1G Brewery Challenge: Sudsy Sixteen, Part II

Having finalized the Sudsy Sixteen, yesterday we opened voting on the Don't Read the Comments Bracket and the Dilly Bar Dan Bracket and learned NebraskaTwitter is alive and well, as Surly now appears to be headed out of the competition, trailing by 1700 votes.

But let's not mourn our soon-to-be-lost comrades in beer, and celebrate for the ones we have left! To the voting!

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Speth's Liver Memorial Bracket

#1-WI New Glarus Brewing Co. vs. #2-IL Half Acre Beer Co.

MNW's Hot Taek: It's the range and the quality of their deeper-level stuff. New Glarus in a landslide.

#1-IN 3 Floyds Brewing Co. vs. #2-NJ River Horse Brewing Co.

MNW's Hot Taek: Having not had River Horse, I'll have to recuse myself here. I am, however, very intrigued by River Horse's line of fruit and sour beers.

Chicago's Big Ten Bracket:

#4-IL Revolution Brewery. vs. #3-MN Summit Brewing Co.

MNW's Hot Taek: I am on the record as #TeamStPaul, and I'll be damned if I'm jumping off that bandwagon any time soon. Revolution has great stuff, especially their Rosa, but Summit and that delicious, delicious Horizon Red wins it.

#3-PA Voodoo Brewery vs. #1-MI Bell's Brewing Co.

MNW's Hot Taek: Bell's went down in a semi-surprising upset to Founder's in the Michigan finals, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them run through a Chicago's Big Ten Bracket with no other initial 1-seeds left in the running. Voodoo has a fine brand, but the range and quality of Bell's sends them onward.


Look for results from the other side of the bracket sometime tomorrow! In the meantime, let us know your picks in the comments and make sure to recruit like-minded voters -- you've got two days! Thanks as always for reading OTE and voting.