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2016 Preseason All-Big 10 - The Defense


Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Remember yesterday, with the offense? Yeah, it’s defense today. Same rules, with fewer voters, WOO!!


  1. Tyquan Lewis - (get fucked) Ohio State Buckeyes - 38 points (4 FPV, High 1, Low 4)
  2. Chris Wormley - (fuck) Michigan Wolverines - 37 points (4 FPV, High 1, Low 3)
  3. Dawuane Smoot - Illinois Fighting Illini - 23 points (1 FPV, High 1, Low NR)
  4. Sam Hubbard - (get fucked) Ohio State Buckeyes - 20 points (High 2, Low NR)

Honorable Mention to Parker Hesse (Iowa Hawkeyes, 6 points), I guess. There seems to be 3 distinct tiers here. The top two terror monsters definitively above everyone else. Smoot is really awesome, and Lovie Smith will love having him to build around. Ohio State having two guys listed is probably right, and this doesn’t even include Bosa the younger. The rich, appear to stay rich. And then there’s everybody else, not really worth mentioning, except maybe the Minnesota DEs, who didn’t even garner a single vote here.


  1. Malik McDowell - Michigan State Spartans - 45 points (9 FPV, Unanimous)
  2. Jake Replogle - Purdue Boilermakers - 28 points (High 2, Low NR)
  3. Jaleel Johnson - Iowa Hawkeyes - 24 points (High 2, Low NR)

Honorable Mention to Tyler Lancaster (Northwestern Wildcats). There’s McDowell, and then there’s everyone else. This guy has lived up to every bit of the hype, and then some. Purdue gets on the board, with a legit defensive star. What’s that? Oh, the Minnesota player? Well, I guess a couple people voted Steven Richardson 5th best.


  1. Jabril Peppers - (fuck) Michigan Wolverines - 43 points (6 FPV, High 1, Low 4)
  2. Raekwon McMillan - (get fucked) Ohio State Buckeyes - 35 points (2 FPV, High 1, Low 5)
  3. Anthony Walker - Northwestern Wildcats - 35 points (2 FPV, High 1, Low NR)
  4. Josey Jewell - Iowa Hawkeyes - 25 points (2 FPV, High 1, Low NR)
  5. Riley Bullough - Michigan State Spartans - 21 points (High 2, Low NR)

Honorable Mention to Vince Biegel (9 points, Wisconsin Badgers). Holy shit that’s a lot of excellent LBs. I have no Hot Taeks for Peppers. Sorry. He’s a good player, enough think he is the best in the league full of excellent LBs, who have actually played the position before. Dude is a freak, no question about that.


  1. Desmond King - Iowa Hawkeyes - 60 points (12 FPV, Unanimous)
  2. Jourdan Lewis - (fuck) MIchigan Wolverines - 39 points (High 2, Low NR)
  3. William Likely - Maryland Terrapins - 33 points (High 2, Low NR)

Honorable Mention to Rashard Fant (Indiana Hoosiers, 10 points) ALERT: INDIANA DEFENSIVE PLAYER SELECTED!!! King gonna stay the King. He’s the reigning Thorpe Award winner, and the only winner to ever return to the college game, of course he’s the unanimous pick for #1. Jourdan Lewis is also really fucking good, and possibly the 2nd best CB in the country, but yeah, there were a few writers that didn’t vote for him. Huh, I haven’t mentioned a Minnesota CB yet, that must be some mistake**.


  1. Nate Gerry - Nebraska Cornhuskers - 48 points (8 FPV, High 1, Low 2)
  2. Demetrious Cox - Michigan State Spartans - 33 points (2 FPV, High 1, Low 5)
  3. Marcus Allen - Penn State Nittany Lions - 22 points (High 3, Low 5)
  4. Montae Nicholson - Michigan State Spartans - 20 points (High 2, Low 5)

Honorable Mention to Godwin Igwebuike (Northwestern Wildcats - 13 points). One of the worst secondaries in the entire country last year has the runaway best safety in the conference. I’m really not sure what to make of that, but wanted to note that. Similar situation with MSU, who’s secondary last year was a giant step down from the level they have come to expect, getting both starting safeties on the list. And finally, there’s Damarius Travis from Minnesota, who did not garner enough votes to make the list, but, I assume, is better than anyone else.

There they are, the best defensive players in the conference. Special shout out to Rutgers, who have managed to not get a single player on either offense, or defense. Really committing to the sleeping portion of their status. Also, to Minnesota, who’s managed to get as many people on the defensive side as Rutgers.

*Not really

**It’s not