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Week 2 Gamethread: Noon Game Overflow

Pitt is it

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


LOL Buttgers, who is having a real game against Howard.

Nebraska is up 17-7 over Wyoming at half.  Told you it wouldn't be easy.

Michigan destroying UCF.

Cincinnati up 21-7 over Purdue, in Purdue.

Minnesota clobbering Indiana State 38-7.

PITT IS IT, up 28-14 over Penn state.

3:30 Games:

Illinois State at Northwestern (-11.5) || 3:30pm ET || BTN

Easy bounce back game for the Wildcats.

Tulsa at #4 Ohio State (-29) || 3:30pm ET || ABC

How is this only at -29?

Akron at #10 Wisconsin (-22.5) || 3:30pm ET || BTN

This should be a bigger blowout than 22.5 points but Vegas likes money so they may know what they're doing.  Then again...they put only -29 on OSU.  Wisconsin wins big.

Ball state at Indiana (-16.5) || 4:00pm ET || ESPN News

Can Indiana show that they are better on offense? Maryland destroying FIU early on makes you think twice.