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Mailbag Question Request: Post Week 2...What's your Burning Question?

Wow, what a weekend. Some teams looked good, some teams looked great, some teams didn't even show up. Lots of questions remain...put em in the comments below.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Damn this is a weird college football season. According to the AP Top 25 poll, we are on the cusp of major changesthis year.. There is one SEC team in the top ten. You have to go all the way to fifteen, to find another (an over-rated Tennessee team). Meanwhile, the ACC has three teams in the top ten and the PAC-12 has two.

What in the hell is going on?

And to top that off, the Big Ten is well represented, with five teams ranked in the top 13.Holy shit. The top two teams in the B1G East are at 3 & 4...the next one is at 12 (sorry lil' bro). Wisconsin and Iowa are 9th and 13th,respectively. Not too shabby for the slow, inside running games we play in the Mid-west.

My question for the mailbag is...which of these B1G teams are a fraud? Which one is coasting on cupcake wins and isn't really top 25 material?

I have my opinions. And you have questions. Let us have em in the comment section below!

Your Friend,