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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking - Week 3

Let's not waste time by putting an intro here that is too long, doesn't make sense, isn't fun, only serves to waste space so that it looks like somebody put some thought into this and came up with something really clever. Let's not do that.

Graham Filler
Preparing for September 24 MSU-Wisc tailgate by going to pick up a giant jenga set from my buddy. Might even see what Uncle John's Cider Mill has got going on; I do love their hard cider. It's a Michigan go-to. Also - my wife is an OBGYN resident at Sparrow in Lansing; she's been on nights the last week, so we're set to go on a Saturday night date. Might head to Tavern 109 in Williamston, sit at the bar and watch Sparty on the TV...and enjoy one of their famous bacon bourbon drinks.

Ryan Field as usual, with some goose island or revolution brewing beers. If we lose again pass the fucking bleach. Or everclear.

Jetting off to sunny Las Vegas, where I have to speak at a conference. The digs are nice, the weather warm, and the pool is calling my name...who am I kidding? I'll be sitting at the sports book in the Aria Hotel.

Gonna be in Chicago. Since it is BYE week, I will be at TacoFest in Lakeview eating every taco. It's sponsored by Sam Adams so I will be drinking any and all varieties I can get my hands on. TACOFESTWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Kraszewski
South Bend with a couple of good friends from college, overpaying for tickets and having my education sneered at by insufferable Domers. May Touchdown Jesus smite them for their hubris and failure to properly utilize the fullback. Forever and ever, amen

Candystripes For Breakfast
IU's off this week, so my Saturday will probably be spent at home, watching at least one fanbase meltdown on OTE over the results of the games, Vanilla Coke in hand.

I'll be taking advantage of the bye weekend to have a 3rd birthday party for ToddlerSpeedReceiver, and will spend nearly the entire span of that party in the garage hiding and watching whatever college football games I can get.

I will be in Evanston, hopefully enjoying a couple Minnesota beers that I smuggle back from the Cities when I'm done working here. I'm sure there's Hamm's left over at the NUMB tailgate, though, so guess what I can always fall back on...

What I'm more intrigued to do, since this is a night game [why, god], is head into downtown Evanston and try out at least one of the breweries in town. I've been to Temperance (and...meh), but I'd love to give Smylie Bros. a try. If my friends are really motivated, doing a brewery crawl up through Evanston, starting at Peckish Pig, stopping by Sketchbook Brewing, and finishing up at Smylie. Maybe that would prevent me from having to remember any of D00N...

Rochester Hills, Michigan, where I've just signed yet another lease to keep comfortably treading water for one more year of my twenties. Wooooo complacency!

Say, have you ever had a beermosa? Take a witbier, like Arcadia Whitsun or if you're strictly macro Blue Moon will do, and pour half a pint in a glass and top up with orange juice. Goodness is that delicious.

DJ Carver
I'll be at home, drinking TBD various alcoholic beverages throughout the day taking in this amazing set of matchups this weekend. The only plans are swim lessons for the kids in the morning so after that who knows what will happen. I'll fire up the grill at some point (or perhaps twice) for some food and enjoy the great weather forecasted. Going to be great.

Creighton M
I'll be at home in Charlottesville drinking a bloody mary and eating waffles for the Iowa game. For the afternoon games I may put on pants and head to a brewery.

Jesse Collins
Headed to a friend's house to watch Nebraska-Oregon. Best case scenario? We don't get angry at what is happening on the screen and don't go outside and start a fire. Worst case scenario? Well, I burn Austin to the ground.

Just going to some yard work or something, since it is a bye week. I'll probably drink water.

Still in Blacksburg... still not yet at a point where I'm drinking alcohol again. Still freaking out about Rutgers handling a "lesser" team. It's these go either way games that stress me out most. On second thought... it might be time for alcohol again. Yep. Gonna start slow and pick up some Mike's Hard tomorrow.

Back at Legendary, Historic, Kinnick Stadium. Maybe. Mother-in-law just called in sick for babysitting, so we're not sure what to do. Either sell the tickets at a loss, or buy a couple of youth tickets on the cheap and attempt to bring our 2 and 5 year old daughters to the game and skip tailgating. Also, pissing off all NDSU fans around by pronouncing bison correctly.