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Week 3: Big Ten Football Game Thread

We’re almost done with the out of conference!

Akron v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

That out of conference slate is almost over! This week is going to be great with marquee matchups across the nation and all day long. Hope you guys didn’t plan anything over than beers, your couch, or being at the games!

New Mexico at Rutgers (-6.5) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

Yeesh, Buttgers can’t even get a TD spread on New Mexico.

Temple at Penn State (-8.5) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

The easiest game to mark improvement! Can Penn State block at least two Temple defenders this year to prevent sacks?

North Dakota State at Iowa (-14.5) || 12:00pm ET || ESPN2

I’m sure someone can quote a spread in the comments. A sneaky tough game, NDSU should at least give more of a game than Iowa State did to Iowa.

Georgia State at Wisconsin (-35) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

BTN is getting a workout at noon. Guess we are going to get at least two games in SD at 12. Wisconsin and Iowa are going to be battling for that HD channel.

That’s it for the noon slate! Mid afternoon and evening game viewing information will be in the overflows! If you need to know though...

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