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Week 3: Big Ten Football Overflow Gamethread

Mid-Afternoon viewing information and gamethread!

Western Michigan v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Colorado at Michigan (-18.5) || 3:30pm ET || BTN

Expect Harbaugh to blast Colorado for trying to have fun. Harbaugh is not a fan of fun.

Oregon at Nebraska (-3) || 3:30pm ET || ABC

Nebraska gets the premiere channel slotting as they take on Oregon in what is probably going to be a shootout. Nebraska gets the 3 point advantage but that’s generally the home swing and this is a toss up.

Western Michigan at Illinois (+3) || 4:00pm ET || ESPN News

An underdog at home? Ouch. Illinois has a chance to complete Step 1 of showing they area superior to Northwestern: beat the team that beat them in Week 1.

This thread probably isn’t hitting 800+ comments (now you’ll prove me wrong) but the 7pm games are going to go into a separate thread that drops at 7pm ET. That’s definitely hitting 800+ by itself given the nature of two of the three games.