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Week 3: Big Ten Football Stock Report

Oh, what a Saturday this was

Duke v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

What a Saturday this was. Thankfully many in the Top 25 decided to ride on the struggle bus and it wasn’t just the Big Ten, otherwise the national spotlight would be shining very brightly this week. Here is where each team stands after the weekend:

Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes - Yep, one of the rules is that if you’re in first or second in the power poll it’s hard to have your stock move up. The caveat to that rule is impressive wins over good teams and in this case that was Oklahoma, who was a one point underdog in the game. Ohio State handled Oklahoma with ease, winning 45-24 and J.T. Barrett didn’t flinch under the lights. Next up: Bye.

Michigan State Spartans - So was Week 1 a purposeful deception to keep the playbook bland against an FCS opponent and not show their cards? Sparty handled Notre Dame with ease and looked to be more of the team worthy of their ranking. Next up: #11 Wisconsin Badgers.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - There is your signature win so far, Mike Riley. While Oregon may not be the team they once were and they may have given you the game by failing to convert on four of five two point conversions...a win is a win. Next up: Northwestern Wildcats.

Penn State Nittany Lions - I’ll put you guys in stock up for starting strong and winning the game but there are some things to discuss. A) The obvious here is you guys almost gave this game away. If you start fast like Colorado did against Michigan, you’ll need to hold that lead and this wasn’t a good audition for it. B) WHO is teaching your defense how to tackle? For the second straight week I turn on the Penn State game to watch players leading with their head to tackle guys. This is after you all lost starters for this week due to leading with their heads! It is insane to me that you all do this with all of the player safety discussion going on and the studies on head injuries in football. Get it together, for your own sake. Next up: #4 Michigan Wolverines.

Northwestern Wildcats - YOU WON! Seriously though, you guys had no where to go but up after the first two weeks. Thorson looked good this week and perhaps playing a terrible Duke team is what you guys needed. Next up: Nebraska.

Stock Holding

Michigan Wolverines - Well if you throw the first quarter out of this, this game was an absolute blowout. Harbaugh made some adjustments after that horrendous 1st quarter and the game was not that much in question from that point. Penn State is up next and Coach Hype is nothing in comparison to a Harbaugh coached team. This might be a shootout but Harbaugh has taught me to take the cover. Next up: Penn State.

Maryland Terrapins - It’s a win but, really, TWO OVERTIMES to beat UCF? Perry Hills is also injured so it looks like there is a chance that true freshman Tyrell Pigrome could be starting in two weeks against Purdue. He has a better arm but how extensive of a knowledge of the playbook does he have? My homerism has this as stock holding along with bye followed by Purdue but it could be easily argued as stock down. Next up: Bye.

Wisconsin Badgers - Similar to Maryland, WTF were you guys doing? Needing the 4th quarter to beat Georgia State? A QB battle is brewing in Madison and apparently y’all are trash without Corey Clement. Next up: Michigan State.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - I feel like I’m getting good at writing “it’s a win but”, but for real. 21-0 to NEW MEXICO before you showed up? A scare in the 4th quarter before you end the game? 2-10 wouldn’t surprise me this year. Next up: Iowa.

Stock Down

Iowa Hawkeyes - Oh, Iowa. You had 44 yards rushing going into that last drive, was it really that hard to see that you should maybe pass the ball? Kirk was due for a typical derping after signing that big contract. The defensive line gave up far too many yards rushing and the running game never got going. This is like the exact opposite of a Kirk Ferrentz team. Next up: Buttgers.

Illinois Fighting Illini - ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW. Seriously though, this rebuild is going to be a long 2-3 years until some talent infusion comes in. Next up: Bye.

Byes from Week 2: Minnesota Golden Gophers, Purdue Boilermakers, and the Indiana Hoosiers.