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Mailbag Question Request - The Comic/Tragic Edition

Iowa loses to North Dakota St. Sparty beats Notre Dame. And Tommy Armstrong looks like the experienced senior quarterback the Nebraska nation wants him to must have questions. Leave em in the comments below.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

In light of last weekend’s slate of games, I thought we’d get the Mailbag Question request out early. You know, to give the Sparty fans a chance to think through and articulate their boasts…err questions.

I was surprised and wrong about several games this weekend. The Northern Nerds got their collective shit together to beat the southern nerds. That Nice team out west beat a good Oregon team. Sparty beat the hated domers. Michigan didn’t eat any boogers. And Lovie Smith experienced true Illinois football .

But seriously, how about Tommy Armpunt? Damn, he looked good on Saturday. If he shows up for the rest of the season, Nebraska will win the West. Fortunately for Wisconsin fans, the only thing Tommy has done consistently is be inconsistent.

Let me move outside the conference briefly, to mock the destruction of an over-rated, over-hyped, and over-tanned football team.

In case you missed it, Louisville handed Florida State its worst loss in school history. It was a beautiful thing and it couldn't have happened to a better, more deserving fan base.  I

f you’ve ever been in a bar filled with Kenny Chesney fans, you know FSU fans. And they have the single most obnoxious chant on the planet. There’s nothing better in college football, than a bunch of future Walmart employees howling an anglicized "Indian" war chant.

I was in the Jacksonville, Fl airport as that game unfolded. I saw baggage guys texting with glee. Flight attendants, on their way to their flights, high-fived one another in joy. All across the dangling phallus state, football fans cheered as Free Shoes U got boat-raced.

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P.S.: Leave your questions below please!