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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking - Week 1

College Football is back and so is this series

The long national nightmare is over! Well, it is for people who actually wanted football season to start. Some of us were pretty content without college football, but time marches on and it’s football time.

Every week of the season, we’ll take a survey of our “writers” and publish this post on Friday morning. In it, you, the reader can find out where your favorite OTE personality will be and what they will be drinking.

More importantly, you can go to the comments and let us know your whereabouts and drinkabouts. It will be fun!

babaoreally: I’ll shall go to a sports bar, possibly a Wings Etc. or maybe even a 5th Down to watch the Purdue game. I will definitely leave early if things aren’t going well. I will drink a carbonated beverage, probably Dr. Pepper or Pibb Xtra.

Candystripes For Breakfast: During Indiana's game on Thursday, I'll probably be at my local game store keeping an eye on the Hoosiers, another eye on a fantasy football draft, and at least one ear on the thing I'm actually at the game store for. As for Saturday, I expect I'll be at home, watching somebody playing football, because that's what Saturdays are for. As usual, my drinking will be Vanilla Coke.

MNWildcat: West Lot. Ryan Field. Hamm's, the Beer Refreshing. It's football season. FINALLY.

LincolnParkWildcat: Ryan Field parking lot, probably a Daisy Cutter or something Goose Island.

87townie: I will be cleaning up storm debris, drinking some Shake Chocolate porter by the Denver Brewing Co.

Graham Filler: I will be 100 yards south of Spartan Stadium , sharing a tailgate space with some farming folks from my area. My goodness do they make good food for the tailgate. Wonderful people, too. Excellent weather, a new season...It's looking to be a good Friday.

Thumpasaurus: Rochester Hills, Michigan, in the same apartment that, four years ago, I watched the seemingly-auspicious kickoff of the Tim Beckman era. I'll be drinkin on some Old Weller Antique, a nice bourbon with the same wheated flavor that lends Pappy Van Winkle its unique taste profile. Buuuuut this stuff you can actually pick up for under $30.

Andrew Kraszewski: This is a #yardweekend, so I will most likely be catching the white-hot tilt with Furman either from my basement or a bar downtown - but Detroit either way. Not quite ready to let go of wheat just yet, so I'll ride off into the summer sunset with Arcadia's Whitsun.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I'll be in TCF Bank Stadium Thursday, working with a massive hangover Friday, and then spending the rest of the weekend avoiding trips to the Minnesota State Fair.

Jesse Collins: Austin, TX. But more specifically Georgetown, TX. I'll be on the same couch I was on last year just with a plate of Austin BBQ and maybe some tacos.

Creighton M: Saturday morning I'll be at home making breakfast tacos with chorizo made at the latino grocery store nearby. Hopefully it isn't too early in the day to drink Dale's Pale Ale and Old Chub, because Oskar Blues was on sale earlier this week so I stocked up.

ZuzuRU: I'll be in Blacksburg Virginia, not watching the Hokies, drinking a homemade fruit smoothie (fruit tbd) while watching Rutgers debut their new, and hopefully improved, football team to the country. No alcohol for me since...the incident.

Brian: I'm not on the map, but I'm in Dallas this weekend, taking in as much barbecue as I can before spending Saturday night at Jerryworld to see firsthand if USC can keep up with 'Bama.

GoForThree: I'll be transiting between the TV and the changing table, because this is my life now. I shall consume a nip or three of the rather impressive bottle of Stagg Jr. I received as a gift for my efforts in childbirth.

That’s it for this week. Please talk about drinks and places in the comments. If I don’t get at least 50 comments, Graham said he is going to fire me.