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Best B1G Brewery Challenge, Quarterfinals: Upsets Abound, Chalk Still Holds Some Sway


Well, good morning, B1G Country. Shaken off that hangover yet, Gophers fans? It's gonna be a loooong season if Claeys doesn't learn how to be an actual coach. Thankfully we're here to prescribe beers! I'll recap the Sudsy Sixteen in each bracket and preview the finals for each in the There Are 8 Breweries Left round, then there's voting for you at the bottom.

Don't Read the Comments Bracket

No surprises here, as we set up one of the most-anticipated showdowns when this thing began -- Iowa vs Michigan


Dilly Bar Dan Bracket

This bracket has been the epicenter of the goings-on in the OTE Best B1G Brewery Challenge, what with Fat Head's Brewery's run to the Ohio finals as a 6-seed, Dilly Bar Dan being alerted to its existence, and, of course, the Big Red Elephant in the room that is Nebraska Twitter.

As of right now no, I do not plan to curtail voting or make executive decisions in any way, though I always reserve that right (Jesus, are we really taking this that seriously? This was something stupid and fun I came up with when I was drunk).

Anyways, no real surprises here:


Speth's Liver Memorial Bracket



Seeing no surprises here, we move onto one of the more heavily-anticipated showdowns, as the pride of Wisconsin takes to the arena against a regional powerhouse with quite a reputation built up.

Chicago's Big Ten Bracket

And, stunningly, not only does Chicago's Big Ten Beer roll on with a comfortable win over Summit, but...

Wow. I really got nothing. Bell's is out. Pennsylvania will be heard, damnit, and their beer moves on.


Enough talk. To the voting!


There you have it! We'll move on to the Foamy Four sometime early-middle of next week! Thanks, as always, for voting and reading. Let us know your picks in the comments!