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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking - Week 4

It's that time of the week again.

Graham Filler
Tailgating is really a wonderful thing; so many good people, good food, and if you are a fortunate Midwestern area, good weather to congregate in. We'll be tailgating outside Gate J, smoking meat, making wood-fired pizzas, and bringing friends together. Stop by if you're in East Lansing.


I will be at a wedding in Marshfield, WI. STOP HAVING FALL WEDDINGS. (That is _also_ where I will be next weekend.) To console ourselves, I and the groom whose wedding I will be at next weekend will be getting rather drunk [pleasebeopenbarpleasebeopenbar] on whatever light beer is available and avoiding getting pulled onto the dance floor for another go-'round of the Cha-Cha Slide.

Andrew Kraszewski
I too will be grumpily attending a wedding, the silver lining in MSU's noon start being I can at least catch most of the game beforehand. Location: some banquet hall in Oakland County, who keeps track of where.

I'm back in Amelia Island. I'll be surfing before the games, then barbecuing. For the PSU game, I'll be nursing Woodford on the rocks and praying to the football gods.

Hilary Lee
I'll be parked on a bar stool somewhere in NYC this weekend. Going out for the lesbians who tech conference then staying a few days just to hang.

Creighton M
I'll be in NYC this weekend too. Me and a buddy of mine will be road tripping to Piscataway for Saturday's game against Rutgers. Since we don't know anyone else that's going, our plan is to find some nice Iowa and/or Rutgers folks to tailgate with before the game (if you are also going to the game, drop me a line. I'll bring beer!) After the game, we'll be meeting a friend of ours in Manhattan for a NYC bar crawl (if you are also going to be in New York Saturday night, drop me a line. I'll buy you a shot!)

I'll be in Evanston as usual, and I'll bring some good Chicago beer to drink.

I'll be at a curling tournament probably drinking Labatt Blue. Might catch a glimpse of the inevitable Purdue loss to Nevada.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I'll be at home recovering from the midnight Kaladesh prerelease (it's a Magic thing, don't even worry about it) by watching a battle of undefeated football teams. It's likely there will be Vanilla Coke involved, but if I'm slow waking up for the day, it might be some kind of iced coffee instead.

On my couch dog sitting my brothers #gooddog. My #gooddog will be very excited to have her over. Probably gonna drink miller light as I have a nearly full case of it in my pantry and need to make room for food/better beer.

Nursing my wounds, probably at home for the first away game of the season. Watching Iowa break it's current losing streak to FCS teams.

No OSU game means I get to watch a lot of other B1G football and kill what's left of this Bell's Oberon. Which is solidly meh as beer goes, by the way. But they have it here in Nashville now, so that's a plus I suppose.

I'll be where I am most weekends in the fall: TCF Bank Stadium, expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Beer will, as always, come from either Grain Belt or Surly.

Brian Gillis
I'll be ringing in the kick-off of conference play in Los Angeles (Redondo Beach, to be precise). There's a Michigan-friendly bar around the corner from where I live, but I think the couch will win out this weekend.

Blacksburg, Virginia is my cell now. It's Virginia Tech's Homecoming and I'm actually going out for a change in the evening to see what's up. I'll be in Rutgers gear, of course and I'll probably need to drink out of sorrow or happiness after the Rutgers-Iowa game tomorrow.... Probably the former.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Appleton because it's Oktoberfest. Fortunately the yard I'm drinking in will have multiple TVs so we can drink outside and curse Wisconsin losing.

Jesse Collins
Still in Austin, although this week will be the first time I get the smoker running since I've been down here. I will be smoking some chicken thighs, probably making some bacon wrapped jalapenos, and might even cap things off with some grilled peaches.

I'm going to be in east Lansing eating all of graham filler's food, drinking all his drinks, smoking all his smokes and regaling his women with tales of incredible failure.

Let us know where you will be and what you will be drinking. And feel free to stop by Graham's pizza fest if you're in East Lansing.